GURU Energy Drinks Taste Test #TryNatural

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GURU Taste Test

I'm in the middle of packing to move later this month, so my house it literally filled to the brim with boxes. Last night, my friend Trevor and I were packing and sorting and came across a stack of incoming boxes, mostly were Christmas presents I had ordered, but some were products just waiting to be reviewed. So we decided to take a break and do a taste test review of GURU Organic Energy Drinks, with the plus size being we now had more empty boxes for packing, and we had more energy!

GURU Energy Water

Organic Sparkling Energy Water

This sparkling energy water claims to lift and refresh with simple fruit and green tea infusion. I like the zero calories, zero fat, zero sodium and zero carbs. The flavors available and our commentary on each is below:

  • Grapefruit – This does not have a lot of flavor, which I was glad of as I'm not a big grapefruit fan.
  • Lime – This flavor was a tad stronger than the Grapefruit, so reminded me of lemon-lime soda.
  • Pomegranate – I don't like pomegranate flavor, so didn't care for this one. My co-tester, Trevor, does like pomegranate and thought this would be his favorite, but he did not like it either.

Trevor picked the Lime to be his favorite flavor of the bunch, which I thought would be mine, too, but my vote is actually on the Grapefruit.

GURU Organic Energy Drink

Organic Energy Drink

Next up we tried the Original and the Lite Organic Energy Drinks by GURU.

Original (140 calories) – Trevor and I both agreed that this was better than Red Bull and our favorite pick of all the choices.

Lite (10 calories) – I preferred the taste of the regular over the Lite, as this left a small “diet” aftertaste in my mouth.

But Trevor and I both agreed that you could mix either with Vodka for a refreshing cocktail. Or add cranberry juice to make a “VCR”, one of Trevor's favorite drinks. VCR = Vodka, Cranberry Juice, Red Bull. Maybe they'll have to change the name of that drink to “VCG” and use GURU!

Trevor drinking GURU

Trevor made an excellent observation – GURU should've rotated their logos on the cans by 180 degrees so that the letters were readable by observers. Because if you notice when he is taking a drink, the GURU logo is upside down.

He also thought of a great slogan for them:

GURU, just for you!

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