Happy Birthday to my Baby!

My youngest daughter, Tatym, is 7 today. She actually wasn’t due until August 12th, but she arrived three weeks early on her grandma’s birthday. Luckily she was a happy, healthy baby unlike her older twin sisters were who were 13 weeks premature.

We are celebrating today by having a party at the YMCA with her friends. They will do gymnastics and go swimming plus eat cake & ice-cream. I think it is well worth the money to pay the YMCA to plan the whole party, plus I don’t have to clean my house!

Tatym is on a “cowgirl” kick, so I got her cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat for her birthday present. I also get her the Precious Moments “Growing in Grace” series figurine every year. After her party, I’m sure we’ll head out to the County Fair to check out the horses!

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