Happy S.H.I.T. Day

Mickey MouseI’m not Sure Happy It’s Thursday, but the saying sounded good. It feels more like a Thirsty Thursday to me. Too bad I don’t like $1 beers. I prefer Rainy Days and Mondays.

Today was rainy. During a thunderstorm this morning, my cable went out. Thinking CableOne would eventually fix the problem, I didn’t worry (if they were my internet provider, then I would have). I didn’t need the TV on as I listened to some of Andrew Wee’s podcasts (cuz he’s gonna interview me next week, and I want to be prepared). But when the kids came home from school with no TV, I figured I better call before they close for the day so I can watch the new episode of ER tonight. I missed The Office due to my daughter’s spring concert. Yes, the Brady Bunch theme song is stuck in my head now, too.

So, the cable repairman reported back to me that – get this – I have a whole nest of mice living in my cable box (he saw 7 or 8 alone) that have been chewing on the cable lines. So the lines must have got wet today in the rain and shut down. Great, just great. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE MICE?!

He tried to reassure me by saying they were field mice and not house mice – I didn’t know there was a difference. Guess I’ll be stocking up on some D-Con. Or I read you can use instant mashed potatoes to kill mice. I have a huge container of instant spuds from Sam’s Club that my kids refuse to eat (they didn’t fall for “they taste real”).

Maybe, just maybe, if I get brave enough to go near the mouse nest myself, I’ll bring along my FlipCam to share the horrid experience, as I’ve been addicted to vid-blogs lately. T.G.I.F. tomorrow? Don’t count on it.

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