Help Kids Get Organized: 7 Useful Tips For Parents

Help Kids Get Organized: 7 Useful Tips for Parents

Teaching kids to organize can seem tough when you find organizing difficult yourself. However, if you start soon enough, your child is sure to become a pro at it!

If you don’t know how to introduce your child to organizing things, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for 7 useful tips for parents to help kids get organized.

Enlist Your Child’s Help

Whether you’re spring cleaning the house or putting your kid’s school supplies in order, take his help to get things organized around the house. Engaging kids in discussions related to purging items and decluttering, and getting them involved in small tasks is sure to make a lasting impression on their minds.

Do remember to thank, praise, and reward your little one when he completes organization tasks to the best of his abilities!

Make Organizing Simple and Fun

Toddlers and kids usually enjoy being helpful; they'll only see getting organized in a negative light if you make it sound like work. Start with delegating organization tasks that your kid loves to do such as choosing an outfit for the next day or loading his clothes into the washing machine.

Further, keep things simple by breaking tasks into chunks, and add responsibilities gradually. Do remember to make organizing fun- instead of ordering your child to put away his Lego blocks, turn it into a game of sorting the blocks by color or a challenge by asking him to pick everything up in two minutes!

Get down to Your Kid’s Eye Level

Look at furniture and storage options from your child’s eye level and you’ll be surprised to see that none of it translates well to your child’s needs. Adult furniture is too big for children to use and manage, and kids could get hurt trying to pull out sticky drawers or get their delicate fingers pinched while closing closet doors.

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To help your kid make optimum use of his organizational abilities, buy furniture that is the right size for him. Remove closet doors and lower clothing rods. Also, invest in plastic hangers for the wardrobe like the ones available on OnlyHangers.

Place storage bins or bags on the floor instead of overhead to store toys, clothes, and other items. Make sure that storage bins aren’t too big and buy the ones that come without lids for safety.

Designate Work and Play Areas

Habituate your kid to study and complete school assignments in the same area. This will encourage him to store all his school supplies in the same place. Get a sturdy work desk with ample storage drawers for him so that he doesn’t keep the desk messy. Buy drawer inserts or dividers to help your child keep all his stationery organized neatly in drawers.

Get folders to help your child keep all his notes, homework, and assignments organized. Supervise when he packs everything for school; he’ll soon be able to do it without your help!

As with the work area, teach your child to play only in the play area. Have ample storage shelves and bins for toys. If he’s running out of space, talk to him about donating toys that he doesn’t play with any longer. Develop the habit of purging one toy whenever you buy him a new one.

Have a Family Calendar

Hang a nice calendar in the hallway, kitchen, or living room, and ensure that everyone in your family jots down schedules and events on it. Teach kids to do the same and also encourage them to refer to the calendar before making plans.

Get Your Kid to Maintain a To-Do List

Creating and maintaining lists will help your little one organize his time while also developing his ability to strategize. Get your child to create simple to-do lists to refer to before going to bed or while packing for a vacation.

You can set up a chalkboard or a whiteboard in your child’s room so that he can write important things on it. Alternatively, install a pinboard in your child’s room or anywhere in the house and pin all important items on it.

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To make noting down things easy and ticking off accomplishments on the go possible, equip your kid with a nice notepad and a pen. Smartphone applications can help too!

Buy a Planner for Your Child

Your kid will definitely be excited about using something new, so take him along to purchase a planner of his choice. Teach and encourage him to use it regularly and also ensure that he coordinates schedules with those put up on the family calendar.


Be patient when teaching your child organizational skills just as when you are teaching him other things. Remember that kids learn a lot by example, so don’t forget to stay organized yourself if you want your little one to do the right things!

With the tips given here, you now know how to go about getting your child to organize. So get started and you’re sure to be amazed at how well your kid picks up this important life skill!

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