Here Are the Best Designer Handbags of 2019

Best Designer Handbags of 2019

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The bags and accessories category sold over $101 million dollars in America this year. Despite the cost of living being high in many American cities, there’s one thing we can’t stop buying.

Best Designer Handbags of 2019

Designer handbags.

2019 was a fantastic year for handbags and accessories. Brands were more daring than ever before and vowed to push consumers a step outside their comfort zones. Clearly, they did just that.

If you’re interested in which bags made the biggest splash this year, keep reading. Here are the five best designer handbags of 2019.

1. The Chloe “C” Bag

Chloe has long been the beloved Parisian handbag brand, bringing European elegance to closets everywhere. Sure, the price tag is hefty. But, you’re paying for quality, right?

You’re also paying for timeless fashion and luxury.

A monogrammed tote is bound to do well in the luxury market. The “C” bag, released this year, is one of the brand’s top sellers. With its large, monogrammed “C” on the front, the thick leather strap is durable and stylish.

2. The Jacquemas Le Grand Baci Raffia Bag

There are some designer bags that are so stunning, you only bring them out once a year. Also, because they’re so unique, everyone will remember when you wore it the last time.

The Le Grand Baci Raffia bag is one of those handbags. It makes such a strong statement; it overpowers your outfit and every other bag in the room.

For those who want to make a splash at whatever gala they’re attending, this is the bag for them. The bold orange with sprawling fringe make it unforgettable.

3. The Louis Vuitton New Wave Chain Bag

Louis Vuitton has always stayed in its lane. Consumers know their bags are high quality, durable, retain their value, and look good with everything.

And then they made the New Wave Chain Bag.

This bag is unlike any others from the brand. Its gaudy lettering and bold pattern are so bad, they’re good. While this wouldn’t suit a refined, older women’s LV taste, it attracts the luxury-millennial crowd.

4. Bogetta Veneta’s The Pouch Minu Purse

Even casual, grunge, sloppiness can be made designer. The Pouch Mini Purse has little structure and basically slumps in on itself.

But, it’s also somehow a stunning work of art that looks extremely high fashion.

Celebrities near and far have been rocking The Pouch with casual, daytime looks. In fact, it’s next to impossible to find a store that still has it in stock.  

5. The Jacquemas Le Chiquito Bag

There’s something ironic about extra tiny handbags. Women have always been mocked for carrying massive shoulder bags that fit their entire lives in them. The new Jacquemas swings the pendulum all the way in the other direction.

The most you’ll fit in this bag is your credit card and maybe a lipstick.

But, that’s what makes it great. It’s completely non-versatile and dysfunctional. This bag is meant purely for making a statement.

Want to Know More About the Best Designer Handbags?   

The luxury apparel and accessories industry is constantly evolving. While the price tags are often outrageous, no one can argue with the value.

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