Home Improvement Projects that Add Value

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Home Improvement Projects that Add Value

Even if you aren’t planning to move anytime soon, it’s still a good idea to keep your home updated. It’ll come in handy one day when you do decide to sell and move. It’s also nice to live in a house that feels modern and comfortable.

Before dumping a bunch of money into your home, do your homework and make note of which projects are going to be the best investment for you. Taking a shot in the dark isn’t a good idea, and may cause you to lose money down the road. Educate yourself and get excited about the upgrades. See home improvement projects that add value.

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Time and time again, kitchens and bathrooms rank high on the list for projects that add value to your home. That’s because so many buyers care about and are interested in seeing nice kitchens and baths in the homes they’re considering purchasing. You’re more than likely going to recoup almost all of the cost when you go to sell. These rooms are where homeowners spend most of their time and they want them to be extra special. Consider a full remodel or at least updating important aspects like countertops, cabinets and flooring.

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Window & Roof Replacement

Windows and roofs aren’t the sexiest items in and around the house, but they do matter. Sleep well knowing that replacing roofs and windows are likely to return almost all of your costs at resale as well. Window installation is a project that’s worth your time, money and energy. Your home will be cozier and you’ll save on energy costs. Telling buyers you have a new roof on your home is the perfect sales tactic to unveil once you’re ready to sell.   

Curb Appeal

Neighbors, potential buyers and strangers pass your home every day. Give them reason to talk by making your home look spectacular from the outside. Curb appeal draws people to your home and will help attract the right attention to your property. Pull weeds, trim shrubs and paint your front door for starters. Paint the trim if it’s looking drab and keep the lawn and landscaping well-maintained. If people walk or drive by your home and they’re disappointed, they’re not going to remember it or want to come inside and see it. It’s a good idea to always have strong curb appeal at your home and build a good reputation.


It’s as simple as going around your home and fixing the big and little ticket items. Replace old screens and repair leaky faucets. Paint cabinets or rooms to enhance the overall look of the space. Doing this will help ease any concerns of a potential buyer and give you a pleasant home to live in during the meantime. Go around your home and make a list. Prioritize which items are most important and start tackling each project one at a time.


Before diving in, it’s good to know which projects you should focus on completing. This way you’ll know you’re making the right investment of your time and money. These are home improvement projects that add value.

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