How Cycling Can Help You Save Money

In today's economy, saving money is more crucial than ever. You may be looking to the way you spend money, trying desperately to find ways to cut corners. You may be looking to the things you spend discretionary money on, or you may be looking to some of your fixed expenses, but you probably haven't looked at things that are less obvious.

bicycle with basket

If you happen to have a bicycle, that may be the ticket to saving you some money.

Here is a look at the ways by which cycling can help you save money.

Biking is free

If you are used to driving to work, you are spending money on gas, on car maintenance, on parking and maybe even on car payments. If you were to ride a bike to work, you could lock it up for free, and you wouldn't have the expense of gas, car maintenance, or parking. It might mean that you have to leave your house earlier, but that isn't so terrible.

The benefit of exercise

If you've been convinced that you have to have a gym membership or some expensive exercise equipment like a Bowflex, Nordic Track, or other equipment, you're talking some significant money. If you pay additional money to take classes at a gym or community center, you could be saving that by getting your exercise on your bicycle. Besides that, since you don't have to go anywhere to work out, you'll be saving money on public transportation or gas, and you can't really just make excuses for not working out.

Exercise suppresses the appetite

You may not realize it, but exercise is a fabulous appetite suppressant. That means that because you are not as hungry, you will be eating less, or you'll be eating healthier foods, and that will save you money on your food bill. You may also be less tempted to stop for junk food or high-calorie coffee drinks, both of which will cost you additional money.

Biking will improve your overall health

Because you are healthier from exercising, you will be less likely to have to go to the doctor for health problems like high blood pressure, weight problems, or other issues that might be ameliorated by exercise. Because your health will improve, you won't have to spend money on doctor visits. If you take medication, you may even be able to do away with some of your medication because your health has improved. That can potentially save you a lot of money.

By replacing your daily drive to work with a bike ride, and by replacing your gym workouts with a bike ride, these two things will save you money. When you consider that you'll have a natural appetite suppressant from the exercise, you will save money on the cost of food. If you are losing weight, you may be helping to eliminate or eradicate health issues that are forcing you to have to go to the doctor regularly. You may even be able to save money that you never imagined you could save.

Can't afford a new bicycle? You can finance a new bike, but be sure to make your payment on time or else you won't be saving money!

4 Ways Cycling Saves You Money

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