How To Be A Coupon Queen

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We’ve all got that friend who’s good with coupons. You watch them scrimping and saving, keeping a running total of how close they are to getting those few dollars discount off their Christmas food shop. You secretly want to be her, because they’re smart and sensible, while saving a dime. There’s nothing like the thrill of economizing and being sure to get even a small discount off a new purchase.

How to be a coupon queen

Sure, it’s easy enough to make excuses. You are too busy to search for coupons, you don’t have a printer at home, or perhaps you don’t even know where to begin your search. Yet, today you don’t even need to set aside time for coupon clipping when you can simply hand a store card to the cashier. Better still, it’s even easier to find and save coupons onto your smartphone instead of printing them out. Not to mention the fact that if you take time to search online, you are sure to find a whole range of coupons valid for stores across the US – it just takes some patience.

It’s easy to become a coupon queen soon; all it takes is some thrifty planning and a bit of time management. It’s well worth the effort, when you get to save and make your money last for longer. Read on to find out where to start.

A lifestyle, not a mindset

In all seriousness, becoming a firm coupon user isn’t just something to take lightly. If you want to make a serious change to your outgoings and truly embrace the couponing lifestyle, then you need to up your game. In fact, US shoppers outweigh other countries including China and India when it comes to couponing. Statistics aside, embracing a new way of approaching your outgoings will eventually have a big difference on your monthly expenditure. Take a family of four who spends an average of $200 per month on food. Just cutting the bill by around five percent be it through offers, bulk buying or money saving coupons, and there’s a new lease of capital just ready for investment. Do think long term and consider the other benefits that saving a few bucks here and there will offer – you could soon reach your savings total for a luxury holiday or even repainting the back porch. This is a slow burn, not a race.

No excuses

Everyone is busy, be it ferrying the kids to school or working long hours at the office, but is that really a valid excuse. You can search for coupons in those windows of time when you would normally be checking your Facebook account. In fact, with a wealth of online resources and tips to help get you started, now it's easier than ever to start truly saving. Gone are the days of thinking coupons are for cheapskates, or lower income families. Now everyone is couponing – you’d be crazy not to.

Big brand savings

Will your little darlings only buy designer? Are you a slave to the sales? Well fear not, big brands are embracing the saving mentality too. Keep an eye out for online flash sales, incredible black Friday deals or even which big names are on offer in your local supermarket to snap up a bargain. As times change and we begin to make more and more purchase decisions on the Internet, retailers are having to make some serious changes to retain their loyal customers and attract new ones. Do sign up for newsletters from your favorite brands or online stores to check when the latest offers will be released. If you are an insomniac, that’s no bad thing either. Especially if you are after cheap flights or holiday deals – you may even bag yourself a late night bargain.

Get an App

For the seriously lazy and tech savvy there are now a host of couponing Apps that will even do the work for you. From trawling through the latest online offers to asking you to complete a quick survey or questionnaire in exchange for a coupon for your favorite store, there are several options when it comes to choosing the right App for you. Choose an App that has an easy to use interface and be sure to keep it updated, just as you would your cell phone, to make sure that you are being sent all those golden daily deals.

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Get the couponing bug

Couponing doesn’t have to be in your blood. In fact, there’s never too early, or late to get the couponing bug and make a change to your lifestyle, and that of your family. It can be all too easy to be put off by the pressures of your friends, or the worry of what your relatives will think. However, a 30% off code is always a welcome addition when you are searching for your latest bargain. As costs continue to rise and salaries remain the same, society is going back to its roots and making ends meet using alternate methods. Far from being an embarrassing hobby, couponing is now a way of life for many Americans – and your friends are sure to be on the coupon bandwagon too, even if they are too proud to share it with you. So don’t be put off by what you feel society thinks, after all, you are taking positive steps to make a lifestyle change for the better.

Whether you want to install an App, browse the online sales or take to clipping out offers from the newspaper, couponing is fast become a way of daily life for consumers across the US. With such an array of options available for you, why not seize the day and take up your couponing crown to join saver royalty? You are sure to find some champion deals and bargains, not to mention, have great fun while you are searching for them. So put your pride aside and get couponing – after all, the only person losing money will you be you.

How To Be A Coupon Queen

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