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How to Get Closer With Your Partner By Cooking Together

How to Get Closer With Your Partner By Cooking Together

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There's no denying that having the same passion as your partner can bring you closer. Be it shopping, video games, pottery, painting, or whatever else you are passionate about – the ability to have countless, never-ending conversations and doing the things you love together just brings your relationship to the next level.

Depending on what your passion is, you can improve different aspects of your relationship with your partner.

Since autumn is the perfect season for having dinner next to the fireplace, with a glass of wine in hand, that's what we will be focusing on – cooking, or rather cooking together. It doesn't matter if you will be cooking in a small kitchen that can barely store the essentials or in the new outdoor kitchen you just got from – cooking together brings you closer.

How exactly does preparing different dishes help in improving your relationship? Well, that's something we will be looking at in this article.

Why do Couples Who Cook Together Stay Together?

According to a survey conducted by Light Speed GMI, cooking is one of the favorite ways of passing the time for many people. The study was performed on a group of around 1.000 Americans, aged 18 and up, who were asked about their opinion on how cooking influences relationships. The researchers found out that more than 87% of participants believed that cooking together is one of the best ways a couple can strengthen their relationship.

Why is that?

Well, mainly due to communication that is required while cooking with someone. The study participants also noticed that cooking for your partner is an amazing way of showing your love for them – 78% believe that the couples who cook together stay together.

Here are some of the reasons, apart from communication, why if cooking is one of your passions, you should consider sharing it with your partner:

It Deepens the Foundation of Your Bond

As Michael Pollan once said in “Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation,” “The shared meal is no small thing. It is a foundation of family life, the place where our children learn the art of conversation and acquire the habits of civilization: sharing, listening, taking turns, navigating differences, arguing without offending.” He even went as far as to say that the art of cooking is part of the foundation that makes us human. Since cooking and sharing a meal plays such an important role in family life, we shouldn't be surprised at the fact that a similar situation happens with a relationship.

One of the things that make humans different from animals is their enjoyment of food – while animals eat food in order to survive, people enjoy different tastes, textures, and combinations of flavors. So, if cooking is one of the elements of what makes us human, then cooking together is part of the foundation of what establishes a human bond.

It Creates Positive Memory Association

Some of the most important events in a person's life involve food – birthdays, weddings, New Year's Eve parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, the list could truly go on and on.

As research showed, memories involving smell are more powerful than those evoked by visual and verbal cues. This means that the cozy moments you spend in the kitchen with your partner have the opportunity to create a very powerful memory in your brain.

It Lets You Focus on Simple Things

In today's world, we are bombarded with technology – unfortunately, as the research has shown, it has a negative effect on us. According to a study performed by experts from Stanford University, people who are regularly surrounded by several streams of electronic information have problems with paying attention, recalling information, or switching from one task to another as well as those who do one thing at a time. Finding time to focus is crucial for our mental health.

Cooking and enjoying the meal you made together can be a great way of pausing the hectic life most of us live and focusing on the small things. It allows you to enjoy the moments you have with your partner, as well as your relationship in general.

The Bottom Line

Everyone has a passion, even if they don't admit it openly – after all, there must be something that they enjoy doing, right? Well, while having your own passion is great, sharing it with your partner is even better. So, if you, for instance, enjoy cooking – why not share that part of you with your significant other?

Doing something as simple as preparing dinner with autumn vibes can be very beneficial for your relationship – it gives both of you the chance to unwind and focus on the small things. It also improves your communication – as you probably know, if there's no communication in the kitchen, it might not end well (at least for your stomach). Think about it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.