How to Get the Best Deal on a Mountain Bike

How to Get the Best Deal on a Mountain Bike

There isn’t a hard and fast rule when it comes to the best time of year to buy a mountain bike, but there are certainly a few times a year when some money can be saved. There are three factors that go into finding this specific time of year. These factors are; the seasons, Christmas, and when new models are becoming available.

Below are some tips on finding a good time to save money on mountain bikes.


September is when the following year’s models make a debut. This typically means that bike shops want to get rid of old stock to make space for the new bikes. As the weeks go by in September and further into fall, the prices will continue to drop, but that means selection also begins to dwindle. It is possible to find a great price in January; the downside here is that it may not be in the right size, as many will already have been snapped up.


The main seasons to buy new bikes are spring, summer, and early autumn. There is one exception to this rule: the Christmas buying season. If the aim is to find a killer deal, then the best time to buy is in the dead of winter, after Christmas. This is when the northern hemisphere sees a low point in sales and many shops are willing to give a great deal.

Getting a Bargain

Haggling for prices on a bike in a store typically won’t work as the profit margins for bikes are very thin. The place to haggle for prices is on accessories for the bike, as these have bigger markups. It is also possible to haggle for prices on services such as maintenance and bike fits. Of course, you will be able to haggle when buying a second-hand used model.

Newer customers often have a better chance to get a better deal. Usually the bike shop is looking to gain a customer for life. With this in mind, being a new customer at a store will give the client the upper hand, so that the shop can gain business.

Check Overstock

Check the bike shop’s overstock selection. If there is a model in there that fits the specifications you’re looking for, and if riding a previous year’s model isn’t an issue, then a lot of cash can be saved. Always remember to buy a bike that fits just right: buying a bike that doesn’t fit will be a regret in the long run.

Is Purchasing Online or In-Store Better?

Websites can offer great ways to save money. This is an especially good way to shop if the customer is familiar with specific brands and knows the exact size that is needed. Some of the websites even offer lifetime warranties on all products sold. The catch to buying on the internet is after the sale there is no support for the bike. Websites also don’t give a thirty day adjustment or a bike fit.

Buying in person has its advantages. These advantages include; riding advice, minor mechanical tweaks that can be done for free, bike fits, and thirty day adjustments. A local bike dealer will always be in the corner of the customer, whereas buying online, the client is left to fend for themselves.

Buy New or Used?

If the goal is to save a lot of money, buying used is the way to go. Remember to refer to the aforementioned seasons on when to find the best deals and the best time to buy a mountain bike. The drawbacks to buying used are that there probably won’t be a warranty attached to it and the bike may have damage. Always check out the history of the bike to make sure that it is the best deal to buy the bike used. If there is ever doubt, be sure to have a separate mechanic look at the frame before making the purchase.

To get the best of both worlds, consider buying a demo bike. This can save consumers up to twenty five percent, while also being assured that the bike has been well maintained and still has a warranty attached to it.

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