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How to Get the Best Price for Auto Shipping

How to Get the Best Price for Auto Shipping

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As a customer in need of auto shipping services, there are a wide variety of auto transport companies available to you in the United States, with almost all claiming to offer the best services in the industry. If you need your car shipped, choosing the right auto-shipping company can pose a dilemma. 

shipping a car

How do you choose an excellent car transportation company from the crowd of mediocre shipping services (alongside those shipping providers who don’t prioritize the wellbeing of your vehicle)? If you want a business that has your best interests at heart, then you’ll need to consider the following factors.


Investigating how much experience your shipping company has should be a no-brainer. Conduct a background check and consider how long the company has been in operation. Experience is an essential factor that molds even an average car shipping company into a great one.


Don’t get caught in the trap of picking the first auto shipping company that you see online. Explore all the available options and narrow down the contenders to those auto shipping services with good reviews. 


Make a list of several highly-rated companies and carry out thorough research to see what sets them apart from their competitors. At this point, you can even call your top picks for quotes to narrow down your search even further.

Analyze cost vs. benefit

As you make your list of various car shipping companies available in your area, you may be disoriented by the mob of shipping providers trying to hook your business by offering low costs. When deciding if hiring a company is worth your hard-earned cash, check out the company-exclusive benefits, and estimate the costs you’ll have to bear while capitalizing on their extra features and services offered. 


Many people choose the cheapest car shipping company, without looking at the quality of services offered. Although affordability and scoring a low shipping price is a top priority to many customers in-need of automobile shipping, you should pay for quality services to avoid incurring further costs if your car is damaged in transit. Look for a company like Guardian Auto Transport that provides stellar customer service, along with affordable shipping fees.

Customer Service

Before you make your decision, make a quick call to your shortlisted companies. Not only will this give you a better idea of their staff’s dedication to customer satisfaction, but it will reassure you that a company is capable of delivering what they promise in and outside of customer service.

A quality auto shipping company will pick up all calls immediately, and the staff will be willing to answer any questions you have regarding their shipping process, both courteously and comprehensively. If they have amazing customer service, then it’s fair to expect their delivery service will be equally reliable. 


Reading online testimonials and reviews can be time-consuming, but it’s an important step in gaining significant insight into the auto shipping company of your choice. According to Shopping Kim, you should visit the social media page of your car shipping service to find out if they have positive reviews from past clients.

Transport carriers

Cars are commonly shipped in two distinct types of trucks: open and enclosed. However, enclosed carrier trucks are not widely-used, and they may not always be available on demand. 


Using an enclosed truck to deliver your car could also result in a shipping delay since the company will need to special-order the enclosed truck if you need its services when the vehicles are not available. You should only opt for an enclosed carrier if you need to carry an expensive or vintage car. 

Open carriers will always be readily available and tend to be more affordable. Open carriers are also safe, despite not enclosing your vehicle in a steel structure that may prevent select incidents of damage. As long as you’ve hired an auto-shipping company that prioritizes the safety of your vehicle, you won’t have to purchase an enclosed carrier truck to guarantee that your car arrives undamaged at its destination.

Quote calculator

A company that offers you a fixed cost to ship your vehicle is likely to be unreliable. Auto-shipping rates are constantly changing and depend on a multitude of factors, such as the size and weight of your car. The type of carrier truck and the distance moved, accessibility to your location, and even the weather can affect the final total. Pick a car shipping company that has an online quote calculator that will estimate your price based on the factors above, and avoid any company that promises a flat rate. 

Carefully read the contract

Don’t trust any company that won’t allow you to read and review all the car shipping documents. If a shipping provider tries to rush you or manipulate you into putting pen to paper, interpret this as a red flag. 


Read all the documentation thoroughly to ensure that you understand the implications of selecting a particular auto shipping company and only sign the documents if you’re willing to agree to its terms and conditions. When shipping a big-item like a personal vehicle, the last thing you’ll want is to be cornered into a contract that’s ridden with hidden fees. 

Tracking system

Only work with a car shipping company that provides a tracking system to let you know the status of your vehicle, at any time. It would also be helpful to review their delivery procedures to ensure their processes are legitimate and that your car will be safely delivered.


Don’t forget to carry out a thorough pre-pickup and post-delivery inspection to make sure your vehicle is not damaged prior to or following arrival. If you notice any damage post-delivery, your car shipping company must accept liability and pay for it, according to Laurie Hunter, a senior account manager at LeasePlan USA. If you follow the steps listed, you’re bound to have a great customer service experience and should anticipate that your car will be delivered safely.

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