How To Overcome Crippling Financial Debt

How To Overcome Crippling Financial Debt

There are many different forms of debt that a person can take on in their lifetime. From student loans, mortgages, auto loans and credit cards, it is uncommon for a person to be completely debt free. Making the decision to become debt free is a great way to become financially independent and have complete control over your money.

Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, especially when you are facing a huge amount of debt. If you have no idea where to start with getting rid of your crippling debt, below are some ideas to consider to overcome your debt.

Have A Plan Of Action

As with any major goal, you need to have a serious plan as to how you are going to achieve that goal. This plan will consist of smaller goals and steps of action that you can make on a daily basis. Lifestyle changes may need to take place and spending may have to be cut back to get completely out of debt.

A weekly budget is a great way to know how much money you have and where you are going to  spend that money. Creating a budget may seem pointless or tiring but it gives you the freedom to know what is happening to your money.  

Consider Getting Outside Help

When dealing with getting out of debt you may need the help of professionals. There can be feelings of embarrassment and shame but there are people who can help you repair the damage that has been done. There are companies that deal specifically with debt relief and are willing to help you. There are also credit repair services that can help you if your credit has been damaged from debt. If your debt is from student loans there are specific programs that help with student loan forgiveness and cancellation.

Don’t Get Into More Debt

If you are trying to get out of debt, don’t get into more debt. Some people will try to get out of debt but continue to get into more debt. The goal is to get rid of and stay out of debt, not continue to build more debt. If you are in serious debt, you should consider not making any major purchases such as a mortgage or a new car. Taking out a loan to get a new dirt bike or boat may seem like a good idea but in the long run it will hurt your financial goal of getting out of debt. Make wise decisions when you are spending your money and stick to the budget that you have made.

Become Mindful Of Where Your Money Goes

In the world of credit and debit cards it is easy to lose track of how and where you spend your money. Luckily there are also many different financial apps that help you keep track of your spending. Not every app will work for every person, so it is best to try a variety of apps and see which one works best for you.

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Stay Committed

This may seem like common sense but being committed to getting and staying out of debt is key when it comes to being debt free. The road to financial freedom may seem long and hard but you won’t have the stress and anxiety that comes with monthly payments. Understand that your financial plan is more of a marathon than a sprint and will require patience and sacrifice.

Starting off your motivation and determination to become financially free will likely be strong and leave you willing to change old habits. Overtime your motivation can decline and even disappear. Keep yourself motivated by looking at your long term goal: financial freedom.

Stick to your plan you created and follow through with it. Have someone to keep you accountable, it could be your partner, a trusted friend or financial advisor. By staying committed, you can one day look back and be proud of the progress you made and enjoy the benefits of living debt free.        

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