How To Save Up To $7000 On Your Next New Vehicle Purchase

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If you own a Ford, you may be able to pocket thousands in savings when it comes time to buy a new vehicle. Check out the ‘scrappage’ scheme.

Consumers can take between $2,000 and $7,000 off sticker price if they swap their used beater. Just one small catch. You gotta live in the UK.

Ford’s UK leader said hundreds of thousands of Britain’s most emission-emitting cars could be taken off the roads under the plan. Some American shoppers are hoping there will be similar deals here as well.

In July, Parliament announced intentions to develop a trade-in program to bring British nitrogen dioxide polluting levels in line with those already in place in the European Union.

Multiple officials in the British motor industry have cheered the announcement.

How Can I Scrap My Ford For a Discount?

If your car, and it must be a Ford, was recorded before December 31, 2009, it can be traded in for a discount when you buy a new one.

The bonus will depend on the sales lot and the form with which you pay — cash or credit. Owners of cars in terrible condition will see the most benefit as the discount will be more than the resale value of the car.

How Much Can I Save?

Savings run from $2,000 for a Fiesta to $7,000 for a Transit. The actual payout is valued up to $2,000 — Ford is extending the deduction through the end of the year. Taking advantage of both deals, shoppers can get up to $3,500 off the cost of a $17,945 Ford B-Max and up to $7,000 can be taken off for a Transit.

Why Is The Company Doing This?

Ford says it sympathizes with Parliament’s interest over the tens of thousands of premature deaths each year which are associated with air pollution. The British chairman and director, Andy Barratt, said, “Ford understands society’s anxieties over pollution.”

“We don’t think incentivizing sales is sufficient. We will make sure all trade-ins are scrapped,” Barratt said.

Pre Euro

Ford referred to stats from the Society of Motor Manufacturers indicating there were more than 19 million cars built before September 2009 that remain on UK’s roads.

Vehicles made before September 2009 are called “Pre Euro 5” since they were required to meet the Euro 4 standards, less strict than Euro 5 statutes. Euro 6 regs went into effect in September 2014.

Unlike competitors who are offering a discount only on diesel cars, Ford’s pledge is to all customers — no matter the new vehicle model.

Ford also promised to take the trade-ins off the road and wouldn’t resell them. Owners who drive diesel cars will soon be nailed with a $20 a day ‘toxin tax.’

Sounds Great. But Will It Work?

Steven Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation, called the announcement a “shrewd commercial move” by a company heavily invested in fuel technology.

“Ford is right in claiming the latest models are cleaner than earlier vehicles,” said Gooding. “But without knowing where and how the scrapped vehicles have been driven, no one can tell the impact on air quality under this program.”

The Takeaway

The litmus test is finding out if the savings and deals here are sufficient to attract people who usually settle for used cars to trade up and purchase a new car.

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