It’s A Busy Week Ahead #MyColgateSelfie

I hope all everyone had a Happy Mother's Day yesterday! After church (it was my youngest daughter's baccalaureate), we enjoyed lunch at my mother's house. And I received some beautiful flowers from my kids.

Ravishing rose bush from Macy. She might have to come plant it for me! #mothersday

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How fitting that Mother's Day is the first day of National Women's Health Week (May 8-14, 2016). And in its honor, Colgate Total is inviting women across the country to pledge to Refresh, Restore and Repair their health from mouth to toe with the Colgate Total Daily Repair regimen (shown below).

Colgate Total Regiman

Colgate is asking you to post a #MyColgateSelfie to show you are working towards being more healthy.  So, here's mine drinking water (I'm trying to wean myself off of Diet Coke)…


Now, I'm off to cleaning the house to prepare for my daughter's graduation party on Saturday. The actual ceremony will be on Sunday. Then Monday, I am jetsetting off to a conference in Chicago. Catch ya on the flip side!

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