Keep it Clean: How to Take Care of Your Vape

Want to ensure optimum performance of your coils, mods, and tank? When it comes to engineered products, things will not run smoothly by themselves. A little care is needed. 

Keep it Clean: Vape Maintenance

In this case, vape maintenance. What you need to know is that vape juice is not formulated to stain your vape. Problem is, the residue will build up affecting its performance. By inspecting, cleaning and repairing your vape, you improve its optimal performance.  

Do you want to know how to clean vape tank?  

Read on and learn vape maintenance tips for keeping your vape clean.   

How to Clean Vape Mod

As the heart of your vape, the mod is of utmost importance. To ensure optimal performance of your vape, it is important to inspect the mod and ensure its free of any debris. With a clear connection, the batteries will experience less stress.  

If the mod is dirty, it will be a dirty connection. As such, the batteries will experience more stress. It is also important to ensure the battery venting holes are clean and clear of debris.

If any ejuice has leaked into the device, it could ruin it. Make sure you wipe off any vape juice that has leaked into the device.  When putting the mod back together, do not tighten the atomizer.

This could damage the mods 501 connection.  

How to Clean Vape Tank

When it comes to cleaning a vape tank, there are two methods. You can either perform a simple rinse or a deep rinse. By cleaning the tank, you eliminate the previous flavor.

Let’s face it. No one would like to inhale fruit flavors with a hint of tobacco flavors.  

To avoid this, carry out a simple rinse. All you have to do is fill a bowl with warm water, disassemble the tank, dispose any ejuice and place the components in the bowl. Wash them until clean and dry with a paper towel.   

Air dry the components before reassembling the tank. To deep clean the tank, use alcohol.

Learn more about cleaning your vape tank, mod care, and pod care. 

How to Clean Vape Coils

Cleaning the vape coils is part of vape maintenance. As you probably know, coils play a critical role when it comes to flavor. This means, the more you vape, the more often you have to replace the coils.  

To know that your coils need replacement, check for these signs.

Are the coils dark and damaged? Do you experience a burnt taste when vaping? Have you experienced any atomizer leakage issues?  

Have you noticed a decrease in vapor production? If you have experienced any of the signs above, then it's clear that your coils need replacement.  

When it comes to battery safety, we recommend you do not allow metallic objects to come into contact with them. Use an approved external battery charger to charge your batteries. Also, never carry the batteries in your pocket without a battery case.  

Proper Vape Maintenance for a Healthier Vape

Now that you know how to clean vape and proper vape maintenance, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind. If you discover that your battery has dents, cracks or tears, dispose of properly. It is much safer to replace a battery than to treat battery related burns. 

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