Love Dining But Hate Paying?

Everyone enjoys being treated to nice meal out at your favorite restaurants, conversely how many of us actually enjoy paying for it (I guess the number is far fewer). Going out for a meal with friends, family and the other half is always enjoyable however, with the recession taking its toll on our pockets, every one dreads the bill at the end.

One of the most effective money saving tips out there is to save money by avoiding restaurants. So why is it so difficult?

A dinner time provides a perfect platform for social interaction and as humans by nature are social beings it can be very difficult to pass up on the opportunity for a nice meal out.  Well there is no reason to worry about this potential dilemma because everything that makes dining out special can be recreated in your very own dining room for a fraction of the cost.

If it’s the social aspect of dining you enjoy the most why not invite friends to your home for a dinner party as this will create a similar experience. You could even share out hosting responsibilities between you and your friends allowing you to spread the costs whilst giving you the opportunity to sit back and relax while your gourmet food is prepared.

Inject some creativity into your dining experience by crafting themed nights. This will help keep the meals interesting by providing your taste buds with a range of tastes from around the globe. If you want to take the creativity a step further you can even decorate the dining furniture including the table to compliment the theme of the food. This will really wow your guests and encourage them to follow suit when it’s their turn to host. Don’t worry if don’t have a furnished dining room, cheap high quality dining furniture online and from charity stores. Although this might seem counterproductive to saving money, in the long term furniture provides a sound investment through frequent usage.

Although dining in the home can provide sound financial savings, don’t rule out going to restaurants once in a while. This will provide some well-earned rest from the kitchen and make it feel more special. Dining out for special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and family celebrations is still important as it can allow for you to really enjoy the occasion.

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