Mailbox Monday! 9/22/08

I apologize as I got a little long-winded today…

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!  My mom gave me some homemade canned vegetable soup (yum) and some Mary Kay Gold Sequins Lip Gloss (cool).  Andrew Wee said I should have bought myself a new webcam for my birthday since mine is so blurry.  Touche.

Menards sent me a coupon to redeem for a free flashlight for my birthday. Another perk of having a Menards Big Card. This will be nice if our electricity should go out again.

It's been a rainy day today, and my cable always goes out during thunderstorms.  I think my cable is corrupted. My daughter says we should put the cable guy on speed-dial. So, he was out this morning to fix it, and an hour later, Kaboom, thunder struck, and it's out again. (If you listen closely, you can hear the thunder in the background as well)

Free Gain Scent Card with $1 off Coupon from Walmart

Sorry, the Free Renuzit TriScents is no longer available, but you can print a $3 off Coupon here.

My daughter received her order – shipping was only $5.95, which is less expensive (in both gas and time) than driving to/from the mall.

My son, who is a senior, plays football, and wore out his football cleats!  Not wanting to invest $150 into another pair that he won't wear much longer, I found these Reebok Men's NFL Thorpe II Mid D Football Cleats on Amazon for only $22.49 shipped, and they had his size 12 in stock!  I ordered them Friday, and received them today already! I'm an Amazon Prime member (get your own Free Month Membership).

FREE 14-day supply of Nature Made Multivitamins from

Featured Free (Gifts in Good Taste) is offering Free Gifts with Every purchase, plus deferred billing until February 14, 2009! Think ahead for Christmas gifts!

Featured Free Magazine – FREE Successful Living Magazine Subscription (thanks for the link, Clint!)

Enter to win stylish prizes over at!  I am mailing out the Mario Badescu Gift Package to our winner later today (when it stops pouring rain as to not ruin my hair).

My aunt, Squeak, gives me a ton of tips, including how to prevent hangovers.  Her and I both love Culver's (Butterburger for me, Cheeseburger for her) and often get kids' meals for the Flavor of the Day custard.  Be sure to save your Culver's Team Scoopie Prize Tokens, as you can get a free kid's meal with just 10 tokens!

Cartoon Telephone

Stop telemarketing calls, register with the National Do Not Call Registry.  I'm going to re-register now, as it's been awhile, and it used only be valid for so many years.  It appears to be permanent now.

Now guess how many times I said “how cool is that?” in the video. 🙂

That's it for this week – time to eat my pizza for lunch… Happy Shopping!

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