Making a House a Home Doesn’t need to Cost Money

In the 21st century many of us live 24/7 lifestyles leaving us with very little time (if any) to sit down and stop. Smart phones, computers and e-mails all mean that work life goes everywhere we go.  The boundary between home and work is ever decreasing however to be content and happy it is imperative to get the work life balance right. If that means turning off the mobile phone when you get home or making more time to spend with loved ones and family it is time to make that change.

With work life becoming more intrusive on home life, the home for many us is now seen as an extension of work and just a place to hang your coat up and get some “shut eye” for 6 hours a day. Such a lifestyle can have a damaging effect on your stress levels and family life, which in turn can be passed onto your loved ones.

Little Changes Big Improvement

It is the little things that make a house a home, with many of these little things requiring nothing but a change in lifestyle. It’s not about spending thousands of pounds on interior design, to give your house a more homely feel; it’s about spending more time there and creating great memories.

One way to ensure undisrupted quality family time is by making time once a day to sit together and have dinner. This can act as a physical boundary between your day at work and your evening at home. In a culture where many families will happily eat in front of a television or even separately it is important to bring back traditional values and eat around a table. Furniture such as dining room tables provides a platform for communication, learning and social skills that are imperative to the development of your children. It can also improve nutrition and life skills such as table manners.


Another tip could be to have a hobby at home to fill your time. Turn off the TV for at least one night and have an activity that is more interactive with your family and your home.  Why not paint some pictures with the kids to put on the wall, bake some cakes or even chill out reading a book whilst lounging on the sofa. All of these will enhance the family feel of your home adding warmth to every room.

If you have young children a bed time story is a great way to develop the bounds between parent and child. This traditional technique is also known to improve your children’s language and reading skills, allowing your child a head start on peers in their school classes.

Whatever it is you do to improve your home lifestyle aim to make your home your castle full of good memories, a great atmosphere and a place where you can really express yourself. By following a few of the tips above it could really open your eyes to a home you never thought existed by helping you relax so your kids can shine.

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