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My lawn is near complete. Retaining walls are done. Sprinklers are in. Bushes are planted. Rock Garden is set. The price of sod has more than doubled since last year, so cheapstake me opted for seed. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and obviously the consensus is that I should have sprang for sod. Hopefully this grows fine, so they can’t all say “told ya so.” Next up, I’ll need a new lawn mower. I’m gonna leave my POS-mower at my dad’s for the kids to use to mow his lawn.

Everything was done just in time for my sister’s graduation last weekend, and the graduation party was held here. I think I need a maid. Cleaning four bathrooms is not the funnest (yes, I know funnest is not a real word, but it’s my blog). And once school is out tomorrow for the summer, I think I’m gonna need a nanny. Why can’t I live somewhere with year-round school?

American Flag on Front Porch

Is it true that if you put an American Flag in your front yard that Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t knock at your door? I ask cuz one woke me up from a nice nap yesterday morning by ringing the doorbell. And I thought they only went out “calling” on Saturdays? I’m all for freedom of press/speech/religion/yadda yadda, just don’t try to convert me.

Why was I napping? Cuz I can. I work from home. And my youngest daughter was up most of the night puking her guts out. Thirteen times. She kept count. Poor thing had to miss her third grade field trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo. Oh, and she donated her hair to Locks of Love, too.

Straight Up and Dirty: A Memoir
Straight Up and Dirty: A Memoir

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What I’m Reading Now: Straight Up And Dirty: A Memoir by Stephanie Klein. It’s a true story about a gal dating after divorce. Although I don’t like that she skips around the time line throughout, I find a lot of similarities between her and I so far. She has her own blog and is a little more vocal than I am about her private life. She even has preemie twins. And now my cousin is expecting twins!

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