9 Stylish Tips To Reconfigure Your Living Room

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9 Stylish Tips To Reconfigure Your Living Room

Is your living room needing a little TLC? Some say your living room is the ultimate expression of your perspective on life. It is where we take off our shoes and become couch potatoes. It is the place where we welcome guests. We create memories in our living rooms with family and friends. Yet, sometimes, life gets in the way and we forget to update the items and rooms we once cherished. Now, everything is a bit worse for wear and outdated. The good news is it doesn't have to stay that way forever. Our living rooms are the center of the party. Some people have a formal space, while others like to keep it casual. It doesn't matter how you use and present your living room, follow these stylish tips to spruce it up in no time.

You don't have to throw it away

Just because your couch has seen better days does not mean you need to haul it off to Goodwill. There are actually quite a few ways to save it. If your sofa was an investment piece, why not extend its life a few more years? Perhaps you need to do is remove and replace the cover? In this situation, it can look like a brand new piece of furniture with a new covering.

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If it has any wood accents, those can be sanded and re-stained. If the pouf is now a sinkhole, well you can get it reupholstered and refilled. You might even add new features such as brass tacks and more. Try to be creative before throwing an entire piece of furniture away. With its new look, you might love it even more knowing it’s the same couch that has been there for you throughout the years.

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Pick a focal point

Is your living room an example of chaos? Try to rearrange things, but start with a focal point? Do you have a fireplace? Do you have a view? The focal point is the area you want eyes to look at first when entering your room. It's the area you want to show off. If you have a view, you might arrange the furniture to face the outdoors. The same is true if you want your focal point to be your fireplace.

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Shop at home

Before you bust out your wallet, go through items at your home. If you're like most people, you probably buy more things than you need. Look through your rooms and storage areas to see if you might repurpose items in your living room. It might be a throw from your bedroom or a lamp in your guest room. Look for items that are ready to make their debut.

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Pick a center point

Most of the time, this will be the middle of the room. Once you have decided, then this is where you will place your coffee table. If your living room is very large or long, you might have two center points. You can then design your furniture around your center point.

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Do it your way

When it all boils down, this is your space and no one else's. Don't design it with other people in mind. Do something that makes you feel good since you will have to see it day in and day out. Sure, you could go to a furniture shop and buy a matching set and leave it at that. Or, you could play the rebel and do something completely unique. You don't have to be like everyone else. If your living room is supposed to represent you, then make it so. And, don't worry about losing your treasured pieces. Once you have designed your living room beautifully, you can protect it with home & contents insurance.

Make sure to have flat surfaces

All living rooms need flat surfaces for drinks, controls, books and even food. Of course, you'll want a coffee table in the center. Yet, you might also need a few end tables, nesting tables, benches or ottomans. If you have a small space, nesting tables can work wonders.

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Make sure everything is the right size

Things should be in balance. Small spaces can take large sofas, but large sofas need large coffee tables. Pretty soon, you'll have no space to walk around. The coffee table should be about 1/2–2/3 the size of the sofa. If you have a small space, you might opt for a love seat and a lounge chair instead of a full living room set. The height of side tables should be no higher than the height of the arm of your furniture. If you need lots of storage, choose furniture that double as storage units.

Don't forget an area rug

You also want to place this at the center of the room. And, remember, it does not have to match your furniture. Area rugs can add as much or as little whimsy as you like. If you want something a bit more eclectic, opt for two or more rugs. Although, they shouldn't be closer than 6″ from the wall. And, you can ask your supplier for a custom size.

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Don’t forget lamps, wall décor and any other knick knacks you have on hand to personalize your space. Don’t pick something just because it is expensive. Choose items which have value to you, especially items you might have picked up while traveling. Maybe even go shopping for antiques. You don’t want your living room to look like a carbon copy. Make it your own.

9 Stylish Tips To Reconfigure Your Living Room

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