No Mail Day on Martin Luther King Jr Day

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, thus all banks, post offices and courthouses are closed in honor of the federal holiday. Many schools and colleges are closed as well to observe the day, but our local schools chose to remain open, although they did have a late start due to the snow. My kids were hoping for no school!

I dislike “no mail days” as usually my good mail (ie freebies) outweighs the bad mail (bills).  My son is glad that UPS doesn't take the day off, as he is expecting his repaired XBox 360 anyday.

I am getting my son out of school early today as he has a doctor's appointment for his knee.  Even after a second surgery, he still is having problems.  So I am making a list of other places I need to stop while we're in town. One of them being Menards, to do the rebate deals and buy some new light bulbs for my overhead microwave.  If I find some hot deals while out and about, I'll be sure to share!

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