Pop vs. Soda Controversy

Soda vs Pop

Do you call is Pop or Soda? According to PopVsSoda.com, we all are definitely Pop Drinkers in Nebraska! Cast your vote for your area.

I haven't had a Pepsi in over three months, and I still crave it, especially when I eat pizza (which is quite often :-). But the fact that I've lost over ten pounds since quitting cold turkey, I'm still motivated to drink Diet Pop. I've grown a liking to Diet Mountain Dew (hated the straight stuff) and Diet Cherry Pepsi. I've been to California twice in the last couple months, and could not find one Diet Mountain Dew anywhere! Doesn't anybody Do Diet Dew on the west coast?!

Do you call it soda or pop?

Image via Alexander Kaiser, pooliestudios.com

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