The Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extensions

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I've been wanting to try eyelash extensions after seeing several of my friends have amazing results with them. I finally took the plunge after receiving a gift certificate for them for Christmas. Below are no-makeup photos of my eyes before and after having the eyelash extensions put on.

Eyelash Extensions Examples

I got synthetic lashes, but you can opt for silk or mink eyelash extensions. Look past my eyebrows that need waxed!

Eyelash Extensions Examples

My first reaction to the eyelash extensions was that they looked fake. Well, they are… but once I experimented with makeup and started getting lots of compliments on how amazing they looked, they started to “grow on me”.

But I wish I had done more research as there are pros and cons to having eyelash extensions. Let's start with the obvious.

Pros of Eyelash Extensions

  1. They look amazing. Enough said.
  2. No need to wear mascara or eyeliner. I love this aspect as my eyes are so sensitive to many eyeliners.
  3. You have instant eyes. Your face is already half made up when you roll out of bed. This cuts down my “getting ready” time significantly.
  4. Scheduled “me” time. Since I work from home, I need to force myself to leave the house for real human interaction once in awhile. One hour away from the computer being pampered with good conversation is nice.

Cons of Eyelash Extensions

  1. They aren't cheap. The initial set runs around $200 (plus tip) plus you need to go in for fills every 2-3 weeks which runs another $50 (plus tip).
  2. Caring for them requires lifestyle changes. I have to admit that the first few days of not trying to rub my eyes or get my eyes wet in the shower was hell, and I second-guessed getting them.
    – I used to smother my eyes in Pond's cold cream to remove my eye makeup. No more of this! I gently apply it now and even use Q-tips. My friend (who's had eyelash extensions for 7 years) uses and recommends Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes.
    – No more standing in the shower letting the water hit me in the face! Some lashes are waterproof and can withstand some water, but it's not the water that's the biggest problem; it's the wanting to rub your eyes to get the water out of them! My removable shower head is now my best friend, and I tilt my head way back to wash my hair. Plus I wash my face with a wash cloth in the shower now.
  3. They don't play nice with glasses. I have to wear my reading glasses down on my nose a bit, otherwise my lashes hit the lenses. It actually hurts if I forget and push up my glasses causing my lashes to push into my eyelids.

Does the good outweigh the bad on eyelash extensions? I haven't decided quite yet as I've only had them for one month and some change. But the compliments I've received may be worth it in the end.

What's your take on eyelash extensions?

The Pros And Cons Of Eyelash Extensions


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