RockABye Colt Pony Rocker Review + Sale

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I was recently sent a couple of RockAbye toy rockers to review, so I called on my cute nephew Oakley to help review the Colt Pony Rocker.


Keep reading for an overload of cuteness and a special 50% off sale!

Oakely getting on rocking horse

The Colt Pony Rocker is a uniquely designed western style horse, which is an updated version of the classic rocking horse.

Oakley on rocking horse

This Colt Pony Rocker has a red bandana, a cool soft saddle and tactile fabrics like his soft mane and tail.

Oakley riding rocking horse

Oakley liked to use the horse's rein over the wooden handles!

Oakley on rocking horse

These rockers are made in the U.S.A. and use a special water-based Sherwin Williams brand lacquer to seal the wood that is baby and toddler safe. Some imported rockers use oil based flammable lacquer that is manufactured overseas and have been publicized as having unsafe levels of lead in paints and lacquers on toys.

Oakley on rocking horse

RockABye rockers can even be personalized! This is great option for kids with unusual names – like cute little Oakley!

Oakley pulling horse

Now everytime that Oakley comes over, he pulls the Colt Pony Rocker out of the corner by the rein!

Oakley pressing musical rocking horse

And the Colt Pony Rocker (as do all the rockers) plays music! Four different buttons on the back of the rocker's head play original educational songs that teach the ABC's, 123's, colors and shapes. They are definitely catchy tunes!

Oakley riding horse

Here is a great photo of Oakley ringing the Colt Pony Rocker while singing along with the music!

Kissing Rocking Horse

And and even better photo of Oakley giving his horsey rocker a kiss!


RockABye also sent a super cute Princess Pony Rocker which I decided to donate to a silent auction to benefit a classmate mate of mine that recently died, to help with her medical expenses. Since I have six nieces (and only one nephew), I didn't think it fair to decide who got to review and/or keep the “girl” rocking horse. So I made an “executive decision” to let another child enjoy this princess rocking horse while feeling good about “giving back”.

RockABye sells rockers in various styles, from farm animals (i.e. lamb rocker) to imaginary animals (i.e. dragon rocker) and even automotive rockers (i.e. firetruck, dump truck, motorcycle and train). Plus right now, you can save 50% off the regular retail price of every style of rocker!

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