Skeptical of Psychic Mediums? So was I.

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Last week, I had a reading from Psychic/Medium Kelli Miller.  I was definitely skeptical since anyone could easily google my name to gain a wealth of information about me. But I went with an open mind. There was no discussion between her and I whatsoever beforehand.  I wish I would’ve tape-recorded the conversation, but I think I remember most of the points she said.

First the psychic medium shook my hand and then read my tarot cards:

  • I have been or will consider moving in the near future (true)
  • I am very budget conscious (true)
  • I have three children (I actually have four, but have only had three births)
  • Speculations of my love/relationship future (we’ll see how this pans out)

The first spirit to come through was my dad, and he wanted to say right away that he was sorry, that it wasn’t my fault and that he’s in Heaven, because I was wondering (true).

He wanted to tell me that he loves me because he never said it when he was alive (true).

There was another gentleman with him who was very patriotic, probably his father (my grandfather is also deceased and was a WWII vet).

My dad and I weren’t very close (true).

He was very depressed (true).  Most of it stemmed from his childhood (Not sure the exact words she used, but I interpreted this as his mother controlled his life which may have been true).

He appeared to be 40-ish and have a mustache or beard (My dad was 65 when he passed, but I’ve read elsewhere that one’s appearance in Heaven never ages past 40? And I don’t remember my dad ever having facial hair, but he may have had at one time).

He died of a “broken heart” which could mean he had heart problems and/or was severely unhappy for losing a loved one.

My parents were separated (divorced) and my dad feels guilty for ruining that relationship (he did).

He shows himself to me by messing with my cell phone and laying loose change around to pay me back (There was no mention of the flickering lights I see. And I thought the reason my iPhone keeps locking up was because I haven’t upgraded from iO7 to iO8 yet. And I always have loose change around. In fact, I recently picked up a miter box from the church to collect all the loose change I find to give to the LWML).

If I wake up in the middle of the night at 3:30, it’s him messing with me (I woke up at exactly 3:30 the next two nights, no lie).

He shows himself to my children and mother (both can attest to that).

He hangs around his mother (my grandmother) a lot because she is in poor health (true).

She asked if I had any questions for him.  I said I wanted to know how he died.

She said it took several days for someone to find him (true).

He admitted he had thoughts of suicide, but he never had the courage to act on those thoughts. Everyone thinks he took his own life, but it was really was his heart problems (this has been my stance on the situation from the get-go).

She also said there was another spirit present – a 18-19 year-old male who was an acquaintance, not a family member.  I immediately thought of Dalton White, but then she said this person died in a car accident (Dalton died of cancer).  My friend that was with me had an 18-year old sibling that died in a car accident, but that sibling was a female.  I just said I didn’t know who that was.  I’m wishing now I would’ve asked more questions to figure it out.

All in all, she definitely pointed out a lot of things that I’ve never shared, so it was an unreal experience. I did have one specific thing that I was hoping she would mention that would’ve really made me a believer, but unfortunately she didn’t.  But I was in so much in awe that I didn’t even realize she didn’t mention it until after the fact.

My friend’s reading after mine wasn’t near as thorough and was a bit crazy to say the least, so she is still skeptical. Maybe her mind wasn’t as open as mine? Do you believe in psychic mediums?

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Skeptical of Psychic Mediums? So was I.

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