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Top Financial Bloggers To Follow On Instagram


If you have an Instagram account, chances are you only scroll through the amazing, fabulous photos of travel and adventure, food, fashion and lifestyle. But have you ever considered going for something more impactful, more practical and more profitable to you? Has personal finance ever …

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Throwback Thursday: Potholder Loom


I wasn't aware of the “Throwback Thursday” fad until my daughter posted a photo of me at age fifteen to Instagram. Gotta love the 80's big bangs and Sun-In highlights!  Since then I've seen lots of other reminiscing days past with the #TT hashtag, including my …

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Vacation Sandals for Spring


It's hard believe that yesterday was the first official full day of Spring when it was blustery and cold outside while the wind whipped snow across my office window all day. The winter weather has been really been getting me down lately (and being sick …

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How to Find a Good Deal on Instagram


It is relatively easy to learn how to find a good deal (discount products) on Instagram. This is mainly because more marketers have started using images for social media marketing purposes. Since businesses use Instagram to market their products and services, you can take advantage …

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