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Mailbox Monday! 12/08/08


My house was featured on the Holiday Parade of Homes this past weekend, and when I cleaned, I put things away in a safe place (including my freebie box) which I cannot find yet! See photos of the Holiday Tour of my Home. Are you …

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Holiday Tour of my Home


My house was featured on the Holiday Parade of Homes this past weekend that raised funds for the Lied Pierce Public Library Foundation.  The committee had asked me two years ago if I would open my home for the event, but this was before I had my …

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Politics, Pain & Fried Chicken

Since I’ve decided to publicly endorse Obama, I’ve gotten the most criticism from my 10-year-old daughter.  They are having mock elections at school, and she thinks McCain is the best choice.  In the middle of Wednesday night, said 10-year-old (aka Tatym) came into my room …

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