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Vintage Snoopy Stuffed Animal Doll


I was recently sorting through totes in my storage room and found the clothes that my Aunt Carolyn had made for my Snoopy stuffed doll when I was little.  I haven't come across the actual Snoopy doll yet, but it looked just like this 10″ …

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Throwback Thursday: Potholder Loom


I wasn't aware of the “Throwback Thursday” fad until my daughter posted a photo of me at age fifteen to Instagram. Gotta love the 80's big bangs and Sun-In highlights!  Since then I've seen lots of other reminiscing days past with the #TT hashtag, including my …

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4 Bargain Sites To Shop For Gifts

Online Bargain Sites

For the smart shopper, the days of scouring the city for great holiday gifts are over. There’s no need to go brave the horror of a department store if you can avoid it. The marvels of online shopping have effectively taken much of the stress …

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