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Oprah’s Favorite Things For 2018

The Entire 2018 List of Oprah's Favorite Things

It’s that time of year!  Everyone is about to give thanks. So, let’s talk turkey about why I’m thankful. I’m thankful that Oprah Winfrey just released her annual list of her favorite things. I wait all year to see what Oprah has on her list …

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Defiants 4x4s on Sale at Target

Defiants StumpThumper Pic

Defiants 4x4s are the new mini but mighty motorized 4x4s that are on the top of a lot boys' (and girls') 2011 holiday wish lists this year! Pocket-sized Defiants 4x4s have real gears, for Power, Speed and Freewheeling Action. Defiants 4x4s automatically shift into freewheeling …

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