Since I work from home, I communicate with my colleagues via IM and email. I have a dedicated business phone, but I was getting sick of all the CPA Networks bugging me. Then I found Private Phone. Owned by NetZero, it offers a free local phone number with voice mail. So, I have my (not so) private phone number now listed on my Contact Page. This way I can screen my calls and only call back who I really want to talk to. Go ahead call it and see how it works. I promise not to answer. I won’t even know you called unless you leave me a friendly hello. I have it set up to email me when I have a new message. You can also set to send you a text message to your cell phone.

I’ve been a good spokesperson for Private Phone. I recommend using a private phone number for signing up for freebies and entering sweepstakes. Sure saves on the telemarketing calls. They recommend a private phone number for classified ads, to have a local number in another city, even to give out on dating sites.

Update: I now use Google Voice for my free phone number. It goes to voice mail, and sends me a transcribed text of the voicemail left.

Ok, I’m getting off track… My original intent of this post was to write about how it’s nice to go affiliate marketing conferences to get to meet my colleagues in person. In Vegas, I finally got to meet Shmuly of

Kim & Shmuly

This is Patrick, me and Shmuly at the Tryst Nightclub, Wynn Hotel, Vegas

Shmuly’s latest mission is to recruit Ari Gold as his talent agent. He had me going for a minute, as I don’t subscribe to HBO.