The Best Places To Buy Tickets To Win A House

The Best Places To Buy Tickets To Win A House

What could be better than being handed the keys to your brand new dream home? How about if all it cost you was the price of a ticket? There are many dream homes up for grabs all over the world, and one of the best things about the one ones in this list is that the money raised goes towards supporting a good cause, from helping athletes, supporting youth, and furthering health research.

Heart Foundation NZ

The Heart Foundation was launched in 1968 by a group of cardiologists with the aim of tackling a large number of New Zealanders who were dying from heart disease. Since then the group has become one of the largest and best-known charities in NZ with branches located throughout the entire country. Heart disease is New Zealand’s number one killer and the Heart Foundation works to reduce this through research, education, preventive programmes, and support and advice for those affected by the disease. As part of their fundraising, they offer the chance to win a brand new home in a popular seaside destination that also comes fully furnished by buying tickets from their website.

Boys and Girls Clubs

The Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters, or BGCBigs for short, is a Canadian organisation that is dedicated to the development and overall wellness of children in the country. They do this by offering after-school programs and mentoring of children and youths to allow them to be successful in life. The values of BGCBigs revolve around Individual Capacity, Nurturing Environments, Loving Families, and Positive Relationships which they put into practice through well-developed programmes supported by professionals and volunteers. BGCBigs offers a fantastic luxury draw with each ticket supporting the kids as well as offering the chance to win a million dollar home plus $150,000 in cash.


yourtown is a charity that has been running since 1961 helping young people with learning new skills, help with finding jobs, offering parental advice, and many other general aspects of life. There are a variety of ways that yourtown contributes to the health and wellbeing of the youth of Australia. This includes tackling issues like mental health and domestic violence by reaching out and offering help on a national and local level. This is a great charity and one way of helping out is by participating in the yourtown prize home where the winner picks up luxury dream home. The current draw features an amazing property worth $1.65 million

Bluewater Health Foundation

Another great Canadian organisation is the Bluewater Health Foundation which was established to support Bluewater Health which is a community hospital in Ontario. The hospital is large and provides facilities for around 125,000 people that live in the local area. As part of their fundraising efforts is a dream home lottery which has successfully raised millions for the hospital over the two decades it has been running. The money is used to buy new equipment for the hospital, take on extra staff, and the multitude of expenses that running a hospital accrues. There are a number of prizes in the upcoming draw but the top prize is a house that comes complete with furniture, appliances, and electronics.

Prince Margaret Cancer Centre

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the largest cancer centers in the world and is located in Toronto, Canada. The Centre is comprised of a teaching hospital and a research centre and is associated with the University of Toronto and has a reputation for its high quality of treatment. They specialise in cancer treatment in a wide range of different forms and has one of the largest radiation therapy units in the world. To help fund this huge operation the Centre has one of the biggest home prize draws with the top giveaway consisting of a condo in downtown Toronto, $100,000 and a Porsche to go with it.


Stars is a fast response helicopter service that has flown nearly 40,000 missions since its inception in 1985. In an emergency time is critical and the quicker that paramedics can get to the scene will have a huge impact on the outcome of the victims’ health. Stars was established to get to the scene of an incident as quickly as possible using a fleet of helicopters and world-class medical and aviation equipment. All pilots, nurses, and paramedics are trained to the highest standard, and this coupled with running helicopters is not a cheap undertaking. As part of the fundraising that is required to keep Stars operating is a draw where you can win a home with the first prize.

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