The Broken Eyeglasses Saga Continues

My daughter, Tatym called me from school the other day, and when I heard that “Mooooooommmmmm” whine, I immediately thought, “What's wrong now?!”

Well, the sixth graders were playing soccer for recess, and a boy kicked the soccer ball right into her glasses.  Her brand new glasses.  And they were now broke beyond repair. Luckily, the eye doctor's office had welded her old broken pair back together to keep as a backup pair of eyeglasses. Not the prettiest set of spectacles by any means, but we were desperate.

I emailed who we purchased the glasses from online asking if they by chance had a warranty of any kind since the glasses were less than two months old. I explained how only the frames were broken and the lenses were fine.  I really didn't expect them to even respond since I only paid only $29 for the complete glasses.  Imagine my delight when I got an email saying a new frame was being mailed out to me!

The new frame (albeit a different color, but no problem) was overnight delivered, so the next day we were able to go to our local eye doctor to have them transfer lenses and adjust them correctly for Tatym to wear. Kudos to 39DollarGlasses!  While we were at the eye doctor, we made an appointment for her to get contact lenses! I wonder if she'll need PureVision Contacts like her sister.

Tatym will be twelve in July, which I think is a bit young for contacts, but besides all of her friends having them, contacts will be nice since she is playing club soccer for Norfolk Express this spring/summer season.

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