Rosacea is a skin condition characterized by reddening of the face or the existence of spider veins on face. Basically, the existence of the disease can be seen at first glance as it appears predominantly on the facial features such as the forehead, around the nose and cheeks. The presence of such redness is said to be caused by the damage on the capillaries thus the redness.

The disease is said to be rooted to different factors. One of which is the exposure to extreme temperatures. Extreme hotness will cause the capillaries to dilate which may lead to its damage if not stopped. The ultraviolet rays that the sun emits are also one of the causes of such disease. Other work related causes of the existence of this kind of disease are exposure to wind and radiation.

Aside from the disease rooted from work related factors there are also lifestyle factors leading to the disease. Eating spicy food most of the time is one common cause of the disease. Hot and salty foods also bring the existence of the disease. Excessive drinking and smoking has without fail belongs to the roots of the existence of this disease. So if you do not want to acquire such disease, you should start on changing your ways specifically with your vices.

As observed, the cause of such disease can be traced to the situations leading to vasodilation. However, this disease can be also be caused by hereditary factors. As the DNA is passed from the parent to the child, the genes causing the disease are passed on too. Hormonal changes can be one cause too. Women, as naturally been said to have hormonal changes which is inevitable are more prone to acquiring the disease. Menopausal women tend to be more vulnerable to the disease so they need to watch out.

At first, there are no advanced therapies for rosacea. Women who suffer from the existence of the disease cling to make up in order to hide redness and blemishes. Though this is an effective way to keep the existence of the disease, it does not warrant complete treatment. The person suffering from such disease has to still link to therapy in order to completely get rid of the disease.

The early treatment of the disease is comprised of just conservative therapy. This is for those who have no known advanced rosacea making it easily treatable. One of the things done is mesotherapy coupled with lymphatic drainage to finally get rid of the blood confined on the face. Together with this treatment, there is the addition of cosmetics. Cosmetics tend to promote vasoconstriction thus stopping blood from flooding over the face causing redness. During the therapy, the patient is advised to restrain from exposing skin under the sun. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation may cause the therapy to be put to waste. Also, it may cause the disease to progress if interference is done just before the disease is completely treated.

In advanced rosacea, there are advanced treatments that are proven to be more effective. Laser treatment for instance is one of the possible choices to hasten the process of treatment. However, healing process may take time. The facial signs exhibited at the first weeks of the disease may still be evident. There is a need to take much time for the skin to finally heal to return to its healthy phase. Mesotherapy can be undergone in order to hasten the process thus bringing your lively and healthy appearance again.

There are a lot of clinics that one can visit to if signs of rosacea start to appear. Cosmetologists for instance have the capacity to treat the disease. However, as a rule of thumb, one should make sure that the practicing person has the experience on the treatment process for rosacea. Furthermore, you should also put the equipment on the clinic to your list. Find clinics with advanced and working equipment in order to make sure that you will get the services that you are expecting. No matter how serious your case may be, just make sure that you have got your safety guarded. Bear in mind that your problem is on your face and any wrong move would cause you to regret. Article source is wiki talks.

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