Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Home For Recreation With Less Money

Your home will always have potential for remodelling, development and evolution, but sometimes this can be very expensive. There are, however, things you can do to trick your design and some cheap improvements you can do to your home.

Tips and tricks to improve your home for recreation with less money

As they say, it’s the small victories that count, and all the little things you do to your home to make it better sure feel like tiny wins. Cheap solutions can actually make your home look expensive if they are tasteful and discreet, even if you make them yourself or just modify them.

Grow some plants

It is actually suggested by the specialists that every home should have inside plants and it makes a lot of sense, since plants produce oxygen. You can have either just décor plants that just look pretty, but don’t actually have a purpose besides existing or you can have plants you can use while cooking for example.

Grow Plants

The downside of this is that if you forget to water them, they will eventually die, but while getting used to have this kind of responsibility, you can always replace them. If the problem persists, there are some plants that are low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry too much. As décor ideas, there are a lot of beautiful ways to incorporate them in your house or garden, like setting up a wall to hang them, building a holder, even using an old pair o jeans or boots. All you need is a little inspiration, some old materials and soil and then you can go buy some cheap seeds (but they don’t always work) or just ask a friend for a brunch of the plant you really want and just leave them in water until they develop roots.

Spice Plants

For having fresh spices at the tip of your fingers, like basil, mint, parsley it’s even easier, because they don’t grow too much and they regenerate really fast. We suggest you keep them in a warm place in or close to the kitchen so it’s easier to access them. You can have a big pot where you can grow all of them, separate pots for each or even an improvised vertical garden. Either way they are not very pretentious.

Install a pool

Now, it’s obvious pools are expensive and hard to maintain, especially on winter. Then you have to empty it, clean it and keep it covered so it won’t get too dirty by the time you fill it again. But there is an easier way to have a pool without having to deal with all these nightmares, and besides you can even move it or remove it from the garden whenever you want.

Backyard Pool

And you guessed it, it’s about the advantages of having the pool above ground. You can even make them yourself, but it’s better to buy them, because they are more reliable and the manufacturers are specialised in making them and know what they are doing. Besides, you’ll have a warranty for it, so if it breaks or something goes wrong with it, they can fix it or replace it in no time.  

Reuse or repurpose old stuff

This is actually the best way to kill your boredom if you’re into DIY projects. Some ideas are really easy to implement, some are a bit hard and require special equipment, but at the end of it, you’ll have a nice house decorated entirely by you, from scratch. Some big projects can be amazing and spectacular, such as turning a bath tub into a sofa, creating light stands (even paper ones), coffee table from pallets, rugs from old towels or T-shirts, those plant pots and holders mentioned above, stools out of old tires or covered plastic bottles and so many more.

Besides these radical ideas, you can always repaint your furniture and even modify it a little, depending on what you need as a final product. And if you’re feeling really inspired and entrepreneurial, you could turn this whole thing into a blooming and profitable business. If you can’t stand the smell of paint, you can also use wallpaper or stickers to cover your old and bad looking furniture. You can also use these to cover walls and this way you will as well have them matching.

Play with the light

As mentioned before, if you’re feeling inspired and have a lot of scrap materials you can start building lighting objects with basic light kits that you can buy from specialised stores. After you’re done, find places to put them so they won’t only look nice, but will serve a purpose as well.

Make sure you have a lot of natural light as well, because it’s important not only for your physical, but also for your mental health. It’s been proven that natural light increases the serotonin levels and also provides vitamin D.

As a lighting solution you can use dimmers everywhere and this way you will be able to set the mood by playing with the intensity of light and save some money on the electricity bills, so it’s a win-win situation.

Light coloured furniture will also do the trick if the room is not very bright. It also permits redecorating very easily as you can change the small accessories and everything will look different.

If you want dim lights and you also like relaxing scents, you can opt for scented candles or aromatherapy kits with essential oils and interestingly shaped pots.

Rearrange your bookcase

The bookcase is something that you can’t really move a lot, because it’s usually very heavy (from all the weight of the books and other objects on it) and it takes a lot of time to do it, especially if it’s a big one.

Rearrange bookcase

The good news is that you can still rearrange everything on it so it seems like it’s something else, different, changed. You can modify the way your books stay in there, the other decorations, maybe add one or two family pictures, why not? You may as well take into consideration changing its colour and order of the shelves if it permits it.

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