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Tips for Golfing With Your Girlfriends

Tips for Golfing With Your Girlfriends

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As the LPGA tries to bring more women to the golf course, statistics show women do show an interest in golf. For off-course golfers, women account for nearly half of all golfers, yet on the course, they make up a mere quarter of players. What gives? Golfing has many great things going for it. You get to be outdoors, you're getting exercise, and you're socializing.

The next time you want to get the gals together, plan an adventure at the golf course. And if you're not sure of what to wear or how to prepare, here are some tips to calm your nerves. 

1. First Time Golfers

If you can swing a club, you can get on the course. Before your first visit, you might feel better visiting the driving range first, just to get a feel for your clubs and practice your aim. You could also take some lessons from the in-house pro at the course where you'll be golfing; but know, this really isn't required. Even the best golfers make mistakes. It doesn't matter if you can't hit the ball in the direction it needs to go. If you don't get practice, you'll never learn. 

2. Familiarize Yourself With Your Clubs

There's a reason a beginner's set of golf clubs (which is all you should invest in at this point) comes with a variety of different clubs. Each club improves your ability to handle different ranges and different terrain. 

The essential clubs are a 3, 5, 7 and 9-iron and a 3 and 5-wood, plus a putter and a driver. That's 8 clubs. A full set has 12, and you can add those clubs later on as you grow more confidence for the game. The irons will be used within a range of 200-yards and the woods will be used beyond the 200-yard range. The driver, which is also a wood, hits the ball the farthest. Your putter is for short distances. The higher the number on the club, the shorter the distance it will hit. 

3. Golfing Etiquette

Etiquette is almost synonymous with golf. You should understand the basics before stepping out onto the course. Not only is it about having manners, it's about keeping the game safe. 

  • Don't swing until you are a safe distance from others in your group.
  • Also, make sure the group in front of you is out of range. 
  • Don't delay your turn. Another group may be waiting behind you.
  • If it looks like your ball is heading in the direction of another player, this is when you yell, “Fore!”
  • Take care of the green by not driving your cart on it and repairing your divots before moving on. 
  • Don't talk during someone's swing. 
  • Stay out of line of vision during someone's swing.

Follow these rules as well as general common sense, and you should be good. 

4. What to Wear

Choosing what to wear is probably one of the most exciting aspects of taking on this new sport, right? After all, you are a woman, and you have to look your best. But, have you ever noticed, men look pretty good on the course as well. It's almost as if golf is a reason to dress up. 

You'll be happy to know, womens golf clothes come in a variety of styles and can even be worn when you're off the course. After all, they're designed for comfort and movability.

Golf should be fun and not stressful, so try not to worry about making mistakes. You will make them, and it's likely no one will even notice because they'll be focused on their own mistakes. Go to the course and have fun, while being mindful of etiquette.  

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.