Tips For Saving On The Black Friday Sales This Year

Black Friday is always around the corner it seems. What was once a single day of incredible holiday deals is now something like a month of shopping savings.

Tips For Saving On The Black Friday Sales This Year

You have to keep in mind that the stores run these sales to make money for themselves, not to save you some. It’s not hard to go broke while looking to save. I want to share some tips on how to get the best value from Black Friday sales. They’ve worked for many others.

Black Friday Isn’t Just For Gifts

You can find devilish deals on everything from electronics to pet toys. Why not shop for things you need for your house as well as holiday gifts? Since there are always a lot of guests coming into town to visit over the holidays, many people like to use the sales to get things they need to be a gracious host.

Some things you may want to get to make your guests feel more at home include:

  • Slippers – Nothing tells friends and family they’re welcome more than a pair of big, comfy slippers
  • Bathrobes – Because nobody ever brings their own
  • Pillows – Another thing no one ever brings. Seventy-four percent of us sleep on our sides and sometimes have shoulder pain from sleeping, so a nice adjustable pillow will show you care
  • Air mattress – They’re usually more comfortable than couches

Now that your guests are taken care of, let’s look at how to get the best value on gifts.

Track Prices Beginning In August

How do you know you’re getting a good deal? Because a store tells you so? Keep tabs on the price fluctuations of items on your gift list and see if they actually go down for the Black Friday sale.

Follow Retailers On Social Media And Subscribe To Their Newsletters

Stores often post coupon codes on their Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. You might be able to snag some unexpected savings that way.

You may get similar cool discounts in your inbox if you sign up for stores’ newsletters. Create a separate email account for this purpose. That way, you won’t end up sifting through tons of promos all year long.

Shop On Thanksgiving

If you have the time and the energy the night before the big, crazy day, you can get awesome deals in some stores that are open on Thanksgiving night.

Go Early On Black Friday

There’s a reason why people start lining up at the door around 2 a.m. Many of the best deals happen between opening and 10 a.m. Get there early.

Another reason to be an early bird is availability. You don’t want to brave the crowd to find out that the game system you wanted to buy your kid sold out an hour before you walked in the door.

Make A Budget

Make a budget and stick to it—no matter what. You should set an amount that you can’t go over. That’s obvious, but you may also want to set a budget for each store. Don’t go over. If you do break your budget at one store, you’ll probably rationalize breaking it at the next. Don’t fall into that trap.

Use Shopping Apps

There’s an app for everything, it is said. And it’s true. Check out these apps:

  • The Coupons App – It collects coupons and ads for the things on your list
  • Flipp – It’s similar to The Coupon App, but it also pairs with retailer loyalty and discount cards
  • Shopular – This app automatically loads deal recommendations for each store as you draw near it. There’s also a rebate program that is built in.

There are dozens of good apps for shopping out there. Have some fun trying them out whenever. You’ll have a favorite or five by the time the big day comes.

Use Amazon To Cheat

The Amazon app has a feature that allows you to scan a product’s code with your phone to compare prices. You may end up saving more than you think by doing this. You’re going to have your phone with you, why not use it to save?

Are you one of the merry shoppers that spend $500 on Black Friday sales? How would you like to come in under budget and feel jolly? Here's the list one more time:

  • Track prices
  • Set a budget
  • Follow retailers on social media
  • Go early
  • Use your phone

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