Tips For Helping A Loved One Who’s In Financial Trouble

Tips For Helping A Loved One Who's In Financial Trouble

Knowing that someone who you love is struggling with money isn’t a fun situation. You feel for them and want to help, but aren’t quite sure how to offer assistance without offending them. If they’ve made you aware of their situation, it’s likely they’re trying to reach out for support.

Although you want to dive in and save the day, let them come to you. Be open and honest about what you can do to help and stand your ground with what you can offer, so you don’t feel taken advantage of. See tips for helping a loved one who’s in financial trouble.

Get The Facts

Don’t assume any information is true, without getting the facts from the source. If you want to know more or hear the truth, then go to your loved one. Don’t listen to other family members or friends who start talking and don’t know what’s really going on. Set up a time to talk where you can both share and give feedback. Listen carefully to what they’re saying and asking of you, if anything, so you can offer advice for next steps.

Problem Solve

There’s likely going to be uncomfortable situations and maybe even trouble when you’re dealing with a loved one who’s in financial trouble. Worst case scenario, they end up in jail, and you have to bail them out. If this happens, play it smart and contact Bail Man Bail Bonds who has the skills and expertise to simplify and expedite the process of securing jail release for your loved one.

Help Them With A Budget

Offer to spend time with your loved one brainstorming solutions and action items for the issue at hand. Come up with a budget together, make a cash gift or help them set up their bills to automatic pay, so they’re always on time. Locate local professionals and resources for them to visit and talk in more detail about their particular situation. Be sure both of you know that this isn’t going to be an overnight fix. Make a plan to stay in touch and keep tabs on how the process is going as time goes on.

Take Care Of Yourself

The only way to take care of your loved one is to take care of yourself first. This is a stressful time for both of you. Don’t let someone else’s problems affect your health. Continue to exercise, eat right and get a proper amount of sleep. Manage your stress and worry by meditating, reading a book or going for long walks. Try not to let this circumstance consume you and enter into your home life. Keep the issue separate by scheduling time during the week to sit down with your loved one and talk about it.


Money can be a cause for distress when it’s not properly managed. Reach out to those in need of your help, but avoid taking on all of their stress. These are tips for helping a loved one who’s in financial trouble.

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