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Dj Speakers

When you are a DJ, your crowd depends on you to light up the club with mind-blowing tunes. However, that is not enough. Mixing music is definitely top of the list, but you also need a fabulous sound system to go with it.

If your crowd cannot feel the pulse of your music then your club is dead. That is definitely something you never want. So, let’s hit the club with some of the Best DJ Speakers that are out there in the market.


With a 3.3 star rating, the Behringer Eurolive B212D is one of the budget-friendly powered DJ speakers that you can equip your sound system with.

It is a lightweight and ultra-compact system that produces amazing sound, even at high sound pressure level. Its Class D amplifier technology is absolutely revolutionary; it has immense power and unbelievable sonic performance. It gives you great performance for both live and playback uses.

You can get the party started by simply combining a B212D with a microphone or mp3 player. This speaker will not break your bank account or your back.


This is another excellent DJ speaker in the budget-friendly category, with a 4.8-star rating. Isn’t that wonderful?

This is a compact and lightweight loudspeaker that has been designed to give you a powerful performance. Its sound quality is simply legendary, and its sturdy built makes sure it can handle any situation. Because it is an active speaker, it has an amplifier built right in.

It is an all in one loudspeaker that requires no additional components. Just plug it in and get lost in the beat of the music.


This passive loudspeaker is an entry-level affordable speaker that is ideal for small events. You can even use it at the church and treat the choir team.

For its price, it produces awesome sound and clarity. Peavey is a well-built speaker that is sure to serve you for a long time.

However, do not depend too much on it when it comes to larger gatherings. It does not perform as well as other competitor speakers. But because of its affordability, it is often a great choice for beginner level DJs.


This 15-inch beauty by Yamaha is an absolute treat, considering its incredible price.

You will see many DJs using the Yamaha S115V. The reason for this is that these are extremely well-designed speakers that are durable if looked after properly. It is equipped with protection circuitry so as to keep it safe from damage as a result of overpowering.

The Yamaha S115V are heavy speakers that are quite difficult to move, especially if you do not have a strong back. They are ideal for staying put; definitely not recommended for DJs who move from place to place for their work.


Let’s move a little up towards pricey speakers, such as the QSC K10, for the well-established DJs out there.

The QSC is a marvelous powered speaker with a 4.4-star rating. It has a digital display that you can use to select and control various functions. It is a highly versatile speaker that can be flown or mounted on a wall or speaker pole. It can serve as a stage monitor, or as a PA.

Due to its flexibility, it can be used in a wide range of settings. At around 40 pounds, this is a portable speaker that you can carry around like a baby to any of your gigs.


Another wonder designed by QSC, the K12.2 is a fantastic 2000 watts loudspeaker. It has low noise, so the loudspeaker enhances the sound of your music.

It has a digital display, so you can easily monitor and change your functions. Like the K10, it can be used both as a stage monitor as well as a PA, and is extremely versatile and portable.

It produces a crisp and clean sound that can be heard even at quite a distance. It has carrying straps which make it really easy and simple to pick up and move. Any DJ will be proud to possess one of these.


The JBL are next generation speakers that are sure to get your crowd pumped up with energy.

It is equipped with a 15-inch woofer that can handle light to medium duty stage monitor or PA. It is an ideal speaker for DJs and bands for multiple occasions, including concerts and public speaking. With handles on the sides, these are very easy to pick up.

These speakers are portable and powered, designed to entertain your crowd night after night. For many nights. And that is just what you want. After all, the party must go on.


With a 3.6 star rating, the JBL EON615 is an Amazon’s Choice speaker.

The JBL is equipped with a Bluetooth compliant interface that can be accessed with both iOS and android devices.

This is the speaker of today for the DJs of today. Because of this interface, it is extremely easy to control the volume and monitor other functions that only serve to please. However, keep in mind that this Bluetooth interface does not support streaming live music from your smart device.

At around 40 pounds, this powerful baby can be easily carried to wherever you need to perform.


If you are looking for a powerful speaker that will pump your club like a human heart pumps blood, then look no further than the Bose F1. If your wallet and your spouse allow, this is the speaker for you.

With a 4.4 star rating, this is a beautiful piece of equipment that will please your eyes as well as your crowd.

It packs the power of a large bass in a lightweight and compact package. You can easily fit it in your car and have it travel with you. Its subwoofer has a mounting stand built right in, making set up very simple and quick.


The Mackie SRM is a lightweight active loudspeaker with a 3.5-star rating.

It is an excellent combination of innovative technology with superior quality. It offers power and clarity; sure packs a punch. Its music output is evenly dispersed, so everyone can enjoy the punchy bass.

It is lightweight but very sturdy and reliable. It offers PA, monitor, soloist and DJ modes. A good choice for both beginners and professionals.

We hope you enjoy reading about these amazing DJ speakers. They are in no way ranked in the order that you see them. This article is just to give you an idea, and help you make the best decision for you.

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