Top 10 Wines for 2017

Top 10 Wines for 2017

If you have come here for a list of the most expensive or luxurious wines on the market today, then you’re going to be disappointed when you start reading this article. This is not a list of the most expensive wines, but rather a list of the most enjoyable wines that you can buy. These wines are going to make your taste buds sing and really give you that great feeling that comes with finding a high-quality bottle.

No matter what kind of wine you like, the following top ten wines for 2017 are going to really impress you. Keep reading to learn more about why we picked these ten.

Adelsheim Chardonnay 2014 Caitlin’s Reserve

Because of the color of this wine, you might think that you would be getting ready to taste a watered down Sauvignon Blanc. But that’s not the case at all once you bring the wine glass up to your lips. The flavor of this Chardonnay is pretty intense, but not overpowering, so you’re definitely going to enjoy it.

Blandy’s Madeira 10 Year Bual

Blandy's 10 Year Bual, Madeira 500 mL Wine
Blandy's 10 Year Bual, Madeira 500 mL Wine

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Next up, we have a Madeira that’s seriously going to change your life. This area of Portugal is one that’s a big secret in the world of wine. This wine is going to be pretty nutty and rich in flavor, which makes it perfect for pairing with a sweet dessert. If you’re trying to entertain some people at your home with sweet treats, then this wine is going to go perfectly with any kind of treat you offer your guests.

Barolo, Marchesi Di Barolo 2008

With this wine, you’re mouth is going to be filled with hints of blackberries, plums, and even cherries. You’re going to want to keep a few of these away for those holidays that you have with all of your family members. This wine is seriously only going to get better with time!

Chapelle-Chambertin 1998

Make sure to let this item breathe for about two hours before you taste it in order to get the flavors going correctly. You’re going to have so many flavors flowing through your mouth when you taste this wine that you won’t know what to do with yourself. Try it out and see what we’re talking about!

Remember with all of these wines, you should never drink and drive. Or else you could end up in the need of a San Diego drunk accident attorney.

Chenin Blanc, Chappellet 2014

This is probably the best American Chenin Blanc that you’re going to drink in your life (so far, at least!). It’s going to have a pretty crisp flavor, but come packed with hints of tropical fruit. The taste of tangerines and peaches will be balanced with that acidity. This one’s going to be a bit more expensive, but definitely worth it for the flavors you’re going to experience.

Cristom Pinot Noir, Jessie Vineyard 2008

This one is going to be super different from the good burgundy you’re used to, but in a good way! It’s got plenty of flavors of ripe fruit that are going to bring your taste buds on a magical experience. And this only after about eight years of aging! You know this one is the real deal when you swish it around your mouth.

Domaines Schlumberger Pinot Gris Grand Cru, Spiegel 2011

This next wine on the list is going to be pretty sweet, so be prepared for that explosion of flavor. You’re going to get hints of tropical fruits, figs, toasted almonds, and brown sugar. Amazing, right?

Foursight Pinot Noir, Charles Vineyard 2007

This one is going to be absolutely amazing if you love a good Pinot Noir. It’s been aged well and will not disappoint if you have a taste for fine wine like this one.

Gigondas Domaine Santa-Duc 2011

This next item on the list is going to be pretty rich and might take some getting used to. This Gigondas is a more cleaned-up version of the traditional Gigondas, so know that before you plunge into this bottle.

Heitz Cellar Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

And of course, we have the last wine from the amazing Napa Valley in California. You’re going to taste tons of citrus hints with this one, so it’s great for anybody!

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And there you have it. These are the top wines for 2017 you’ve got to try this year. You’re not going to be disappointed with any of them!

Top 10 Wines for 2017

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