Top 5 Money Saving Tips For Students

Top 5 Money Saving Tips For Students

Being a student is one of the most exciting and interesting moments in the life of anyone. There is a diverse choice of opportunities and career offers for students, but, at the same time, it is also a challenging life period, when you should pay your fees and think of how to save money as a student.

There is no doubt that one of the most effective ways to earn money is to get a well-paid job. For example, some of the students work as dissertation writers. But our financial success depends on our ability to spend and save money as well. One of the best ways to save more money is to control your expenses. This is a key to financial success not only for students but for anyone, who tends to live on a budget and are interested in how to save money in high school.

Are you a student? Would you like to control your expenses and be aware of how to save money in college? Here are top 5 budget tips for college students.

Last semester’s book

During the academic year, students spend hundreds of money on the textbooks, workbooks, and notes. There are two ways how to manage the expenses on the studying literature. First of all, buy last semester textbooks from senior students. Usually, people sell them twice cheaper, which help you to cut down your expenses. Secondly, be one of those students who sell these textbooks. Think of creative ways of the selling. For example, you can create an Instagram account for selling studying literature.

Sometimes, there is no need to buy any kind of textbook, either old one or new, because you may need it for a too short period of time. Think of alternative ways to manage this situation, for example, check the books out from the library instead or look for e-version on the Internet.

Walk, walk, walk

Despite the fact that there is 50% discount for students’ bus tickets, another great tip to save your budget is walking on foot instead of using public transport. Walking is very useful for our health and is a good decision on the way to save money for students. This efficient approach will help you to limit your money unless you live too far away from the college. But even in this case, you can always find out an efficient solution, for instance, ride a bike.

Split the rent

After living in the dormitory, most of the students think of moving into apartments. It is possible to save your money if you rent the apartment with your friends and split the rent among all the people who live in the apartment. There is one more life hack, for the introverts who tend not to share the space with other people. Instead of renting the whole apartment, you can easily rent a separate room. In this case, the privacy and money-saving strategy are guaranteed.

Student discounts

The system of student discounts is very loyal and flexible. Some of the facilities and shops offer 50% discounts on their products. Always pay attention and get interested into what and where you buy and whether it offers any special prices for students.

Go into campus gym instead of visiting one in a city. Sometimes campus gyms are less expensive or even free for their students, instead of the gyms that are more expensive even with some discounts.

Cut out extra expenses

The studentship is a nice time for parties, hanging out with friends, conversations in cafés… Sometimes we may not even pay attention to the extra expenses, but they matter a lot for our budget. If you prefer to drink coffee every day, hence approximately you waste about $30 on coffee weekly. Hence, it amounts to $120 per months. Try to look for some alternative ways of solving this financial issue. For example, it is better to buy a thermos cup and make coffee yourself instead of wasting your money on it in cafes.

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