The Top 5 Personal Finance/Frugal Living Sites

The Top 5 Personal Finance/Frugal Living Sites

In the past few years as the economy has worsened the number of sites on the Internet that offer advice and examples of frugal living, or learning to live within your means, has skyrocketed. Since there are so many sites let’s look at the top 5 and some of the advice that the give for becoming the master of your personal finances and learning to live frugally.

1. The Simple Dollar

There is so much information on this site that is worthwhile. Trent started this site in 2006 because he wanted to share with others the changes that he had set out to make in his own life. At that time he was in debt, living beyond his means, and dedicating too much time to a job he disliked, to provide for the family he really wanted to spend more time with. He knew he needed to make some changes in order to get out from under the stress of the job he was at, become debt free and be able to enjoy his family.

Over the years he has written over 3000 articles. He has become debt free and quit his job. He is now a stay-at-home parent and writes 2 articles a day, which are free on his site. He has a lot of information about frugal living, but my favorite tip is how to make your own laundry detergent. Following his recipe he is able to make laundry soap for about 2 cents per load, which compares with just over 20 cents per load of the Tide with bleach variety. That’s quite a money saver.

2. Man vs. Debt

This site began as the honest, complete account of how a man and his family decided to change their lives: they sold all of their possessions, used the money to pay off all of their debt, and travelled around the world with just two backpacks. Now, he is back and blogging about how reducing your possessions and paying off your debt can free you from financial burdens. He writes about his own journey and offers tips from both himself and other experts in the field.

One of my favorite recent articles was about how to encourage your spouse and loved ones to join you on your journey towards positive financial change. Making such a major change in your financial life can be difficult without the support of the people closest to you; this article gives tips for getting your loved ones involved without alienating them or forcing them to change too quickly. Because he writes from the perspective of a regular guy who took charge of his own finances, he has insight not only into money-management tips but also how to work with family members to create a successful personal finance plan. This article has helpful ideas, like asking your family members for input and explaining your own goals clearly to them.

3. Get Rich Slowly

A common sense approach to getting rich, or out of debt, is what you will find on this site. This site has received much recognition because of the great information that they provide. JD Roth started this site after finding himself deep in debt and recognizing that he didn’t know how to get out. Instead of trying the “get rich quick” way, he opted for educating himself. As he read and studied he found that much of what he was reading was just common sense stuff that he already knew and had forgotten or was not practicing. He now has a staff of writers that cover a wide variety of topics because he realizes that what works for one may not work for everyone because we are all different.

My favorite article was titled, “Why I Still Pick Up Pennies”, this article is about why pick up pennies and about the “real” value of a penny. It was interesting to learn that Sam Weller, the founder of Wal-Mart was known for picking up pennies.

4. The Budget Fashionista

If you are looking to be frugal and yet be stylish this is the sight for you. Kathryn Finney does a great job of not only offering advice on what looks great and is in fashion, but she offers great leads on where to find in for less. She has a very valuable place on her site that will tell you where to find coupons. This site is great for helping you find out where to get coupons for all different kinds of things. If you don’t have the coupons, then how can you save any money, right? Well, Kathryn has taken care of that problem for you.

5. Suddenly Frugal

On her site, Suddenly Frugal, Leah Ingram has a wealth of information about ways to increase your income by doing simple things like organizing, couponing and learning new skills. She is creative and personable and gives credit to those who have helped her along the way to becoming frugal. Her post really helped me to see how being disorganized costs a lot without noticing it.

Happy reading!

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