Twas the Weekend Before Christmas

My sister is home from college for the holidays.  She asked if I had any work for her to do, as she needs some spending money.  Sure, I said, the house needs cleaned before Christmas as I’m being the hostess for forty people from my mom’s side of the family. I think she was hoping to do “computer work” instead of cleaning toilets, but she obliged.

My son was already bored one day out of school, so I told him to add some coupon codes to the site. He asked how much I was gonna pay him.  I said I’d gladly pay him, but then with his money, he could take over his car payment and pay for gas and insurance.  End of discussion there.

Since my kids were all out of the house today, I told my sister she could take a break from cleaning to wrap Santa’s presents which I’ve been storing under my bed. Well, I must be totally losing my mind because I swore I ordered Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Bundle for my son (marked it off my list), and I swore I even received it and put it under my bed. I remember the size of the box and telling my friend I paid $99.99 when she got lucky and got hers for $89.99.  My sister and I searched the house in case I hid it somewhere else.  No luck.

Since I did almost all my shopping online, I looked under my email receipts.  Nothing.  I looked at my online accounts for Amazon,, etc. to track orders.  Nothing.  I even looked up my credit card statement for transaction.  Nothing!  Was I dreaming the whole thing?  Luckily, my sister ran to town and grabbed the last Guitar Hero 3 Bundle for XBox 360 at Target for $99.99.  Now if I can find the original one that I thought I bought, I can return it.

If I don’t have time to write before Christmas, here’s wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from my home to yours…  ~ Kim and the kids

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