Just in time for Valentine’s Day, specific authors are donating back their book commissions to Affiliate Marketers Give Back when you purchase any of the following book titles listed below between February 12th and February 18th, 2012. Buy a book to benefit breast cancer research and support!

W is for Woofer (Leslie Nazarian, Sharon Nazarian) A rhyming picture book with words that all begin with the letter W.

Woofer Works Out (Leslie Nazarian, Sharon Nazarian) Get kids excited to move and exercise with this illustrated rhyming book that showcases activities and sports for every season.

Winnie McGoo’s Museum Adventure (Leslie Nazarian, Sharon Nazarian) A museum can be an exciting place. Just ask Winnie McGoo. Whose adventure in a museum one night isn’t something many people do. From eating pizza with Mona Lisa to swimming on the Isle of Grande Jatte, Winnie’s museum adventure creates an interesting plot.

Block Boy (Alec Ababon) Short story about a boy that is different from the others and is bullied in school.

Animal Kingdom: Jaguar is Reborn (Eric Carney, Deborah Carney) Workaholic Jason Peters is an average sales rep with a suburban house and wife, Jennifer. One day Jason spills coffee in his car and finds a gold coin that changes their lives forever.

Blue Honeycreepers (Deborah Carney, Vinny O’Hare) Photo essay of cute little birds with attitude. Full of facts about this birds as well.

Flowers With Wings (Deborah Carney, Vinny O’Hare) Butterflies identified and combined with inspirational quotes.

Inspirational Quotes for Writers – Coffee Table Book (Deborah Carney) Photographs paired with quotes to inspire writers (and others) to do what you do best.

Poetry and Peonies: Japanese Tree Peonies (Deborah Carney) Tree Peonies photographs illustrate this book of inspirational quotes.

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