Vintage Find: 1962 Barbie Dream House

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Vintage Barbie Dream House Catalog Insert

One of my absolute favorite things to do at my Grandma Synovec's house when I was younger was to play with my Aunt Joanne's Barbie dolls. She had a cardboard Barbie doll house complete with cardboard furniture that folded up like a suitcase. I loved that Barbie house. When we cleaned out my grandma's house a few years ago, I called dibs on that Barbie house, but it was nowhere to be found. I did score some Barbies (and Ken) and some of the cardboard furniture though.

And then I discovered vintage Barbie houses on Ebay. I won a bid to get a 1962 Barbie's Dream House for only $9.99! Merry Christmas to me! Sure, shipping cost me over twice that amount, but my love for this Barbie house is priceless.

1965 Barbie Dream House

My Barbie dream house arrived when we got the news from the nursing home that Grandma was not doing well…

1965 Barbie Dream House Cardboard Furniture

Grandma Betty passed away last week, but the memories of her will live on. And I can't wait to get out my aunt's old Barbies and “play” with my “new” old Barbie dream house.

Next up, maybe I'll see if I can score the A-Frame Barbie house (the yellow 1970's one, not the newer pink one) that I always wanted as a girl but never got. I remember circling and starring it in the JCPenney Wish Books Christmas catalog for everyone to see, but I'm sure it wasn't within my family's budget.

Maybe I'll also look to replace the vintage Barbie townhouse that I bought with my own money that I saved up (because I couldn't afford the A-Frame house), but my sister destroyed it (or so I claim; my mom threw it out). Heck, the Barbie fold up houses that my daughters owned and played with in the 1990's and early 2000's are now considered vintage.

Looks like my new hobby may be collecting vintage Barbie doll houses.

The new Barbie houses are cool, too!

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