Virgo Astrology Sign

I’ve never really believed in horoscopes, astrology, tarot cards and all that jazz. Once in awhile I’ll read my horoscope in the newspaper, and if it’s close to true, I’ll credit coincidence. If it’s far-fetched, I blow it off like smoke.

But I’ve always wanted to have a real Psychic predict my fortune (or lack of) just for kicks. Well, living in hickville, there isn’t a high demand for clairvoyants. Good thing Sara Freder offers a Free Personal Horoscope and Psychic Reading of your life Online. And did I mention it’s Free? I’m such a cheapskate.

So, I got my email from Sara today unfolding my future….

I saw five events that could change your life drastically. Here are the most important days for you that I carefully noted after my vision:

On Saturday, July 22, I see you receiving some excellent news regarding friendship or romance,

On Saturday, July 29, you will have an exceptional opportunity to change your life,

On Wednesday, August 02, I see you receiving a significant amount of money,

On Monday, August 07,  you will meet someone unexpectedly and it will turn into a relationship.

On Thursday, August 10, you will experience some new luck with money (this is a chance for you to bring wealth into your life…)

Of course, she wants me to buy the Complete Astrological Consultation for more information, etc. I understand she needs to pay the bills as well. Maybe she’s building a new house like I am… But I’ll just watch these dates and see how it goes.

Anyone else get a Personal Horoscope and Psychic Reading from Sara? I’m curious to see if everyone or maybe those with the same Zodiacal signs (I’m a Virgo, which is the only female Zodiacal sign) get the same answers. Leave a comment with your good fortune!

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By the way, my Lucky Numbers are 5, 19 and 25. Time to buy a Powerball ticket.

Virgo is the only Female Zodiacal Sign (Free Psychic Reading)