Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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As winter slowly draws to a close, its time to start thinking of ways to stay cool in the long summer months. 

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Not everyone has the luxury of just popping down to the beach to cool off, so for the those of us who are land-locked, take the following advice:

Get A Dehumidifier

Because water holds heat, the amount of moisture in the air can have a significant impact on how hot it feels.  Therefore, depending on your location and the amount of humidity in the air, you may want to consider investing in a dehumidifier.  

Have Air Conditioning Installed

It may seem obvious, but many people have not considered the vast array of air conditioning options available to suit all budgets.  Contact a reputable air conditioning installation company to discuss your options.

Keep the Sunlight Outside

The sun flooding into your home through windows can have a significant impact on the temperature inside, in much the same way as it would in your car.  Keep blinds and curtains closed during the hottest time of the day and consider investing in some reflective glass for the outside of your windows.

Keep All Lights Switched Off

Lights produce heat when they are on, and this is especially true of the incandescent bulbs.  Make sure you upgrade all your bulbs to LEDs to avoid creating extra warmth and keep the lights off during the day.

Take the Cooking Outside

As if you needed an excuse to barbeque, here is the perfect one. Ovens and hobs release a fair amount of heat into their environment, so avoid using these, especially during the hottest time of the day.

Plant Trees for Shade

Granted, this may not have grown enough to bring relief from the heat this summer, but you will be surprised at how much a strategically planted tree can help to keep your house cool. 

Look for spots where the sun beats down on your home and plan for the future now.

Open the Windows at Night

Harness the cool night air by opening as many windows as you can after dark, especially windows on opposite sides of the house, which will encourage air to move freely through your home.

Set Your Ceiling Fan to Rotate Counterclockwise

Many people don’t even realize this is possible, but by setting your ceiling fan to run counterclockwise in the summer months, the airflow of the fan will create a wind-chill breeze that can help cool down a room instantly.

Invest in Some Crisp Cotton Sheets

Cotton and linen tend to breathe easier and help you stay cooler in the hot summer months.  If you feel warm in bed, you could also try investing in a buckwheat pillow as buckwheat hulls allow air to move between them and won’t absorb your heat like regular pillows.  

Insulate Your Home

Just as insulation helps keep your home warm in the winter, the same is true of keeping your home cool in the summer.  The heat will permeate in through your ceiling if left unchecked, so this is a must for the hot summer months.

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