Tested out my fire alarms today while charbroiling some Wragge Dogs (local creamery concoction that I like to eat black). Anyway, I’m happy to report that in case of a fire in the middle of the night, I think the whole neighborhood will hear them to wake up.

I lived in my previous home for twelve years, and I can’t say that any of my cupboard doors ever fell off. This house is only a year and a half old, and two of my Homecrest doors have succumbed to gravity…

My broken cupboard door

The above picture was taken in my kitchen, below the sink. The other faulty door is in my master bathroom, and neither were over-used by any means. I couldn’t simply screw them back on as the screw-holes are stripped out. So my brother, who is majoring in construction management in college, tells me how I should fix them with sawdust and wood glue and blah blah blah, and after seeing the reaction on my face, offered to come fix them for me next weekend. Maybe when he’s graduated, I’ll be ready to build House for Kim 2.0 and he can be the contractor.

I’m listening to Seasons In the Sun on iTunes. They just had a question about this song on Jeopardy. What’s the next words after “We had joy, we had fun”. Duh, “We had Seasons in the Sun”. This song always reminds me my good friend’s sister that died in a car wreck when she was eighteen. She loved that song, so they played it at her funeral. What’s eerie is that the song is about a person dying and even says “good-bye Michelle”. Michelle was her friend that was in the accident with her. Rest in peace, Wendy.

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