What Does Your Kitchen Say About You?


The kitchen is one room that holds a special attribute. It is considered by many to be the heart and nerve center of a home, and without it the whole house would appear virtually incomplete. The kitchen’s functionality is the most important aspect when considering the way you design and equip this crucial room, but the design you chose will ultimately define who you are, and consequently, determine how first time visitors to your kitchen judge you.
Your kitchen design can make or break the delicate attributes most people hold about you, and so are the appliances you install in your kitchen, making it especially important to consider the style and choices you opt to make. Consider purchasing Star-Rated appliances that can be insured as appliance insurance is one of the best ways to ensure you have an efficient and reliable kitchen. Read on to know what your kitchen designing style say about you.

Traditional kitchen

People used to get the notion that traditional designs in their kitchen represented the style and designs of 18th century France and England. This is completely not the case in the current era. The traditional style is nowadays representing a more modern, warm and casual design. People who are not flashy but consider replicating timeless understated designs are often viewed as traditionalists. Consider installing rich granite counters, dark oak cabinets, as well as natural flooring to achieve the traditional look in your kitchen. Complement this look by installing some tasteful accent as lighting, use formal windows and add some backsplash style tiles.

Modern design

Ironically, this design traces its inception to the late 19th century. Many people get confused when both the contemporary and modern designs come into discussion. Be informed, though, that modern designs became more popular as of 1920s up to the decade of 1950. The design is defined by clean lines, use of natural constituents and employing moderate colors. Homeowners who consider themselves as a bit old-fashioned and not trendy should consider going for the modern styled kitchen design.


Sophisticated and stylish homeowners are known to be people who make bold statements to everyone who step into their kitchens. A kitchen rooted in the contemporary design fits well for you if you are this kind of a person. It is defined by clean lines that have smooth surfaces, metallic finishes, variety of interesting colors and natural fabrics. People who think the functionality of their kitchen is as critical as the kitchen form should get this design. The kitchens are defined by shiny stainless steel kitchenware, white granite countertops that are crispy and black cabinets. The marble flooring that is usually witnessed in contemporary kitchens further show how spectacular the design can be when prepared correctly.

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The transitional design kitchen

Some homeowners tend to be more casual when it comes to house styles, more so the kitchen. The transitional kitchen stands up as the right choice for such persons. The design is achieved by building kitchens that that combines the finest of both the contemporary and traditional kitchen design styles.  The transitional design brings a cleaner and relaxing space that displays a timeless and contemporary look.  The cabinets and countertops are sourced from materials with a variety of color choices, and when combined with the stainless steel appliances the look becomes more tasteful. Tile ascents that are stylish are critical in offering an elegant look likely to last over time.


Creative, intuitive, and independent people should combine well with this kitchen design. It brings about a more unified look that is characterized by a combination of elements from different origins and time periods. It features a cool slate backlash, stainless steel stove, plus a bit of the French countryside.

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