What Is the Best Metal for Engagement Rings?

If you're about to make the commitment to join the 61.96 million married couples in the US, congratulations! It's always exciting to open a new chapter in your life, especially with someone you love by your side.

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But before you can take the leap, there's the proposal. Choosing the right ring is a huge challenge that millions of American men (and women) face every year, but luckily there are ways to do your research and make it easier on yourself.

Read on to learn about the best metal for engagement rings and get started with your search!

Gold or Silver?

The first important choice to make when choosing an engagement ring is whether you want one in gold or silver.

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Sterling silver has its benefits. For one thing, it's actually a rarer metal than gold, which is a fact that most people don't know. It's durable and unique since most people go the gold route. If your fiancee wears a lot of silver jewelry, then this might genuinely be the best choice for her- you don't want to get her a ring that clashes with her usual wardrobe!

Generally, though, gold is a classic for a reason- it tends to be the best type of engagement ring metal. It is also durable and offsets gemstones very well.

What Type of Gold?

There are three types of gold commonly used for engagement rings- yellow, white, and rose. Yellow gold is the purest form of the metal, which a lot of people like for its rarity, high value, and aesthetic sheen. There are a couple of problems with yellow gold, though, that many people don't think of. For one thing, it's a really soft metal, making it easy to bend and break. It also clashes with a lot of other jewelry that your loved one may wear.

White gold is also popular, but it has issues with durability. It also is generally thought to be less aesthetically pleasing, especially when it comes to rings set with diamonds. The diamonds blend in with the white color, rendering them unseen.

That leaves rose gold! This choice isn't due to process of elimination alone, though- rose gold is genuinely the best metal for an engagement ring. Read on to learn why!

Why's Rose Gold the Best Metal for Engagement Rings?

Rose gold is the best material for engagement rings for a lot of reasons, both aesthetic and practical. First and foremost, it's incredibly romantic because of its pinkish hue. It's unique and beautiful, just like the girl you're marrying!

It also has practical benefits. It will do well in setting off your loved one's skin tone and go well with her wardrobe. Rose gold is also more durable than other types of gold because the strength of the additional copper makes it harder to bend and break than other metals. An engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime, and rose gold is made to.

When it comes to engagement rings rose gold is definitely the best metal, and there are a lot of styles to choose from. Whether you want a vintage, classic, or halo style, there's a ring out there that your future bride is sure to love. 

Tying the Knot

While your future bride is sure to love any ring ou pick out, rose gold is the perfect metal when tying the knot.

Now that you know the best metal for engagement rings, check out our page to learn more tips on engagement and married life. From leasing houses to buying holiday gifts, we have all the intel you'll need.

Congrats again!

What Is the Best Metal for Engagement Rings?

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