Windy City, Here We Come

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I like to travel for business, and especially for pleasure. But now, I’m planning a trip to hopefully help my daughter, Tatym. The surgery she had in Omaha last fall did not appear to help her at all. And it hurts me to see her be in so much pain.

I found a urologist who specializes in Pediatric Interstitial Cystitis near Chicago. Our appointment is Monday. I was able to get round-trip airline tickets for only $99 each from I don’t particularly care for Southwest’s seating arrangements – I feel like you have to fight for a seat. But since I’ll be traveling with a child, we will get to board first and pick good seats together.

I considered driving there, as by the time I drive to Omaha to the airport and check in an hour early and then fly there, it will probably equal the same amount of time as driving. But I hate to drive! I am not even looking forward to renting a car while there. But the appointment is 50 miles outside of Chicago, so I doubt taking a cab would be realistic.

Anyway, we will see the doctor right away in the morning. And hopefully he can do an outpatient procedure in the office yet that day and we’ll fly back that night. If she would need anesthesia, we may need to stay another day to go to the hospital. I’m just hoping they don’t say “Come back next week!” As it’s not that easy to plan, plus leave 3 kids at home with busy schedules!

Tatym is hoping she will not miss her Valentine’s Day party at school! And I’m hoping our hotel will have Internet Access!

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